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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from February 2012.

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What types of add-ons do you offer with your hair removal services?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!For most estheticians, waxing is the bread and butter of our business, so it's important to keep them coming back for more! I offer package deals: several waxing services combined at a discounted price. I also suggest additional waxing services on the spot. If a client comes in for a brow wax and I can see that she needs other facial hair removed, I tactfully explain why an upper lip wax, for instance, would be beneficial to her. Cosmetic brow or lash color is a welcomed addition, too. Sometimes it leads to an entire cosmetic application. If there's no time for add-ons, I suggest something they can have done on their next visit, then schedule it before they leave, giving them something to really look forward to. My clients love the fact that I care enough to suggest services that make them look and feel their best.
- Donna Borgwardt, Owner/Esthetician, More Than Makeup, Random Lake, WI
I personally think a pre-numbing cream is essential when offering a Brazillian or bikini wax. I went from about 25 Brazilians to more than 400 per month once I started to offer a numbing cream. Ingrowns are a waxer's worst nightmare, and anti-ingrown product does the trick. If you educate your clients, you can explain the importance of these products.
- Deborah Merhar, Owner/Esthetician, Deborah's Esthetics, Reno, NV
I personally do electrology and sugaring as my services other than waxing, however, since you do not want contraindications due to heat or moisture, I stay away from additional services that will cause inflamation after waxing. Cool cucumber soaked eye pads are good during upper lip or chin treatments. Azulene oil is also a healthy add-on that helps to defend against bacteria and calms the newly waxed area. Just be careful not to massage it into the skin directly after the removal. I always try to offer a quality bottle of cold water to my clients if they are waiting for services, as this will hydrate the skin, as well.
- Jody MacPherson, Owner/Operator, Spaaah, Riverview, FL
As I'm still in school, I can add-on pretty much anything that I want. So sometimes an eye treatment, paraffin dip or an arm treatment.
- Amber Gudgell, Student, BCTC/Esthetics, Lexington, KY
We offer a mini makeup lesson, depending on the age of our customer. We also offer a coupon for future services and try to encourge other treatments with our specials.
- Miriam Duran, Assistant Director, Cannella School of Hair Design, Chicago, IL
I offer a wonderful add-on with every wax service. My clients are first welcomed into a clean, cozy treatment room (despite the bright lights needed for precision waxing!) and begin their experience by lying on a warm and comfortable table. I prep their skin and then offer them a complementary add-on of a relaxing neck, scalp and temple massage. I use an essential oil mix of lime, peppermint and eucalyptus. They love the aroma and truly enjoy their little moment to escape. I actually have some clients that return for their monthly brow wax just for the pampering. You can always add on hand treatments, lash and brow tints and more, but the best add-on is one that clients can't wait to return to see you for. It's amazing how a five-minute neck massage can change someones entire day.
- Karin Johnson, Owner/Operator, Renew Esthetics, Findlay, OH
I will always offer to do a paraffin hand treatment with hair removal services. It is a nice add-on for me, even when doing a brow wax! I am extremely thorough and detailed when waxing brows ... they help shape that beautiful canvas.
- Keri Glenn, Owner/Esthetician, The Beauty Bar Waverly, Waverly, IA
After an eyebrow wax, I always like to apply a calming mask to soothe the skin and then a little pressure point massage around the orbital bone to relax my client. I think it is very important to give a little pampering after any waxing service; after all, it is part of our job.
- Katrina Smelt, Esthetician, Mayfair Salon & Spa, Blairsville, GA
I offer scalp massage and paraffin hand dips with exfoliation and moisture treatments. With these add-ons, I find that my clients actually enjoy coming in for their waxing services.
- Tachi Dodero, Owner/Esthetician, Tachi Skin care, Phoenix, OR
I try to give as much as I can and offer combo prices. I recommend a bikini wax with full leg wax, underarms wax with full arms wax, chin wax or side burns with eyebrows and upper lip wax. I retail products for skin redness and ingrown hair, and recommend booking next service after six weeks.
- Promila Sharma, Owner, Kayantra, Fremont, CA
I provide a Hand & Arm Alpha Silk Treatment that gently exfoliates and hydrates and a foot massage with a gentle hot towel scrub first. I also encourage them to try a brow or lash tint if their brows and/or lashes are too light that they disappear. They are always amazed as to the difference this makes.
- Bettylou Robinson, Owner, Skinpros , Stillwater, MN
Retail post-treatment products, self-tanners and body care products.
- Leesa Roy, Esthetician, Essentially You, Carterton, Wairarapa
When my client sits in my chair to have their lip or eyebrows waxed, I ask if they would like to add-on an eyebrow or eyelash tint. Fifty percent of the time, the ladies will go for the eyebrow tint.
- Debra Neal, Esthetician, Feelin & Lookin Good Skin Therapy, Tampa, FL
I offer a 20-minute post-wax soothing mask, which is great to reduce redness and irritation, especially on the face.
- Olga Hawwa, Owner, Makeup & Image by Olga, Providence, RI
I offer a herbal foot wrap with hot towels. I am also a massage therapist so, at times I will have promotions such as Thai foot massage or scalp massage. Lymphatic dry brushing is also a nice add-on for any body wax.
- Kara Swalley, Owner/Massage Therapist/Esthetician, Bonsai, Plainfield, IN
I offer an ingrown hair treatment, hyperpigmentation treatment and enzyme hair-reduction treatment.
- Mandip Singh, Esthetician , Wax Bar, Brampton, ON
I offer alternating lightening peels to counteract the effects of laser, waxing and other hair removal techniques that can leave the area marked with brown spots. I also send them home with a brightening treatment to use in between hair removal treatments.
- Denise Yopp, President, South Florida Skin Care Systems, Davie, FL
I like to add an ultrasound treatment after facial waxing. I use an oatmeal soothing mask with a gel mask to give an immediate relief. A physical SPF 50 is then applied. The whole treatment takes only an additional 20 minutes.
- Susan Tesch, Esthetician, Wheaton Sport Center Spa, Wheaton, IL
During this cold season, we are kicking off add-ons to help with cancellations, as well as seasonal depression. We are aiming towards half-hour time frames. Suggestions: Lip treatments, hand treatments, eye treatments and 15-minute stress-buster chair massages.
- Julia Meese, Owner, Temptations Unlimited, Rices Landing, PA
Eyelash extensions, after-care kits and instructions and makeup application.
- Elizabeth Bronwyn, Esthetician, Put on a Little Makeup, Foster City, CA
When doing eyebrows, I will show the client some makeup tricks to define and color. If I do not have another client, I spend time with them, if they have it, with a makeup application and lesson. I want my clients to come back and feel relaxed.
- Marianne Ashby, Esthetician/RN, Independent, Ogden Dunes, IN
Now that it's winter, I recommend two hand treatments that can be performed while I am waxing and one upsell opportunity when I am done. Paraffin hand treatment; lactic acid peel for hands; and complimentary makeup application/lesson.
- JoAnn Kohut, Owner, Your Beauty Pro, Waldorf, MD
With an eyebrow wax, we recommend a lip mask; with a lip wax, we recommend an eye mask.
- Doris Montgomery, Owner, Inspired Hair Studio, Plano, TX
A massage for relaxation is going to help me work more easily, and aromatherapy for deep relaxation, as well as a moisturizer containing sunscreen.
- Zaida Brett, Owner/ Founder, Zahira's Skin Care & Spa INC, Orlando, FL
For eyebrow shaping waxing, I like to add on a mini facial. For leg waxing, I offer a complimentary lime cocunut salt scrub for the client's feet and I end it with warm towels. Both treatments leave them feeling pampered, and it encourages them to book for a regular facial or body treatment.
- Teresa Villanueva, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Pacific Skin Care, Eleele, HI
At our dermatology office, we primarily perform laser hair removal. This is a great opportunity for sunscreen retail, because good sun protection is vital for preventing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Also, since laser hair removal will not take away fine, light-colored vellus hair, we offer dermaplaning. Most clients who try dermaplaning are hooked! They love the smooth feel of their skin afterward.
- Sarah Burchett, Master Esthetician, Renew Dermatology, Henrico, VA
Brow/lash tinting, as well as a complimentary makeup application.
- Natalie Batovsky, Esthetician, The Hair After, Union Bridge, MD
Trim brows; Finipil with a cold compress; makeup touch-up with jane iredale powder and brow pencil/gel if there's time; lip gloss or moisturizer for lips if they are dry. We have 15 minutes and use all 15 on the client!
- Sarah Vordermann, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, RZ & Company, Oregon, WI
1. Soothing red LED treatment after full facial wax; 2. A relaxing hand paraffin and LED hand spa treatment during a facial wax; 3. A cooling, hydrating facial mask during a half leg wax; 4. A mild manual dermabrasion scrub before leg wax ... this really helps my clients who are prone to ingrown hair; and 5. Growth-inhibitor product is applied immediately after waxing.
- Diana Krueger, Owner/Esthetician, Esthetically Yours LLC, Brookfield, WI
Buy one area, get the second area of equal or lesser value free.
- Angela Herriges, Esthetician, Columbia Laser Skin Center, The Dalles, OR
Before the treatment, we pamper the area by doing a cool mask body treatment. We have a variety, such as strawberry, coconut and papaya masks.
- Juliette Ivers, Skin Specialist, MCM, Panama City, FL
After waxing the brows, I apply a product that is antibacterial and prohibits any potential breakouts. I also apply brow makeup and brow gel to every client. Even if they have great brows, they look even better with these two products.
- Sue Ross, Facialist, Bella Salon, Edmond, OK
I offer a facial afterward, exfoliation after a wax (salt scrub), light massage, hydrating masks, eye pads and massage! Oh, and I add lavendar to their ears to help them through the hair removal process.
- Tari Yeatman, Skin Tech/Electrolysis , La Mirage Salon and Spa, Palm Harbor, FL
I offer for a brow, lip or face wax a free mineral makeup application. For a leg or arm wax, I offer a $5 hand or foot treatment.
- Dina Richards, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Allure Salon & Day Spa, Grand Junction, CO
Waxing the brows in my private esthetics room gives me the opportunity to build a relationship of confidence with a new client and talk to them about services they may never have considered. Waxing services are limited to brows only, and I charge more for that service because I go the extra mile styling the brow and caring for the skin around the waxed area. The clients return because they are getting a premium service, not just a quick waxing. I cross-market my electrolysis for the rest of the face by letting my client know about the benefits of that service. Other areas I may talk about are eyelash dying, permanent cosmetics and, of course, skin care services and retail products. BTW, I love waxing the brow! It makes such a difference.
- Angie Martin, Owner, Aesthetics by Angela, De Leon Spa & Salon, Paris, TX
We offer a mini hand aromatherapy massage,
- Latrice Earl, Owner/Esthetician, Simply Skin Salon , Berwyn, IL
I offer a hydrating mask with a lavender hand polish with warm heated mittens if I am doing legs or a bikini line. If am doing the face, I do the lavender hand and foot polish with heated mittens and booties. Great for a winter treat!
- Tracey Frost , Owner, Absolutely Electrolysis & Skin Care, Hampden, ME
We like to add a cuticle treatment or parrafin hand treatment while they are laying back getting waxed or lasered. Since you don't want to overstimulate the area being waxed, it's good to offer a discounted facial or body treament that won't interfere with the area worked on.
- Kate Renda, Owner/Esthetician, Complexions, Leomisnter, MA
If a client only does one area, and we see the need for this service on another area, we do it first time complimentary for existing clients. Cross-selling keeps us in business. For a quick service like this, we promote an updated technique for her eyes to compliment her brow shaping (this introduces her to new colors to purchase), or a lip sugar, a new lipstick, or liner or sunscreen for the lips or full face. A brow-setting product can open up the eyes or a lash-enhancing product can bring in good revenue. In the winter, we might do a hand and/or foot exfoliation and hydrating wax treatment.
- Brenda Romanow, Owner/Esthetician, Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, Buffalo, NY
Our facial hair removal services are add-ons to our facial menu. But to enhance the client experience, we also offer high frequency application over cooling gel to tone down redness, and help prevent breakouts or ingrown hair. With eyebrow waxing, we also offer brow shaping, which includes brow gel to maintain the shape of the brow and application of brow powder to define the brow. Our clients comment on how spalike our waxing services are and many of them fall asleep during the procedure.
- Martina Rizzo, Esthetician, The Spa at Water´s Edge, The Dalles, OR
We offer aromatherapy, hand massages and eye treatments.
- Melissa Leuschel, Esthetician/Stylist, Indulge, Sanford, FL
Brow tinting, lash tinting
- Renee Graves, Owner, Prairie Girl Organics, Glendale, CO
A high frequency treatment. For te$10-15 dollars, you can minimize redness and irritation. It's a quick and easy upgrade that really works, and it is easy for the skin therapist, too. Clients who are prone to breakouts after waxing love it, and they will ask for it every time they come in for a wax.
- Kristen Crees, Owner/Esthetician, The Art of Beauty LLC, Kansas City, MO
I am a skin specialist focusing mainly on facial treatments; however, I love doing eyebrows. Most often, I recommend to my clients that they add a bit of tint to their brows to more closely match their hair color (sometimes adding reds to browns) or lighten to work with brown to blonde or cover gray hair so that they maintain the density of their brows. I utilize my red LED and a cold peltier to calm the redness so that most often there is no trace that waxing has been done as they leave. This is a perfect chance to talk about the benefits of LED. A cooling bead-type refrigerator mask over a hydrating gel mask is a sure improvement for the entire eye area. For those that have a bit more time for that brow appointment, doing a 10 minute microcurrent treatment in the eye area may just bring you bookings for a full series, as the eye is really an area that shows the immediate results for microcurrent treatments.
- Sandee Regier , Esthetician , Sante Dermique , West Linn, OR
I add a soothing oatmeal mask and aloe vera gel to provide additional comfort. The clients love it.
- Linda Brigance, Esthetician, Soothing Touch/Pamper Me Hair Studios, Berkeley, IL
I offer my clients a 10-minute head, hand or foot massage, especially when they are having a bikini wax.
- Cheryl Sue Wing, Owner/Spa Director, Chebel Day Spa, Port of Spain,
I like to offer some efflurage when doing brows and/or a wash over the facial area.
- Pamela Lapointe., Esthetician/Nail Tech, AndreaStevens Hair Design, Peabody, MA
It definitely depends on the service. The most common is to add a lip wax on to a brow wax or vice versa. I also will upgrade bikini waxes to Brazilians. Otherwise, I will add on a makeup application after a waxing service.
- Heidi Jurgens, Esthetician, Simonson's Salon and Spa, New Brighton, MN
Depending on which waxing service I am providing, I will offer a customized add-on. For example, an eyebrow wax can be paired with an eyebrow tint to add visual volume and definition. Waxing of the arms or legs can be paired with a soothing, hydrating mask treatment, because the skin in these areas can become dry and flaky. The mask accentuates that soft and smooth feeling after waxing, and can reduce redness and inflammation as well. I am always trying to think of creative pairings of services that can benefit the client or enhance their overall treatment.
- Patricia Martorana, Owner/Esthetician, Sun Central Skincare, Inc., Maitland, FL
I give a free medical-grade sunscreen.
- Debra Kontny, Surgeon, Mountain Surgical Arts PC, Helena, MT
For any face or back hair removal, I offer an express face/back treatment (deep pore cleansing, gommage and finishing moisturizer) for $45.
- Caroline Crochet, Proprietor/Skin Care Therapist, La Cachette Spa, Richmond, BC
I offer eyebrow tints, eyelash tints and complimentary skin analysis. Often, a skin care consultation during a wax can lead to a client booking a facial. I love the idea of add-ons with waxing services; usually professionals associate add-on services with facials, not hair removal.
- Karen Roberts, Esthetician, Looks Salon and Spa, Columbia, MD
I offer a post-epilation calming package that includes a customized treatment of enhanced soothing lotions, anti-ingrown hair serum, and, if needed, a pass of high frequency.
- Bonnie Hugo, Owner, Skin by Bee, Falls Church, VA
After a close analyzation of the eye area, I offer the benefits of a plumping, hydrating, line-erasing eye treatment. This can be followed by a penetrating, relaxing LED light therapy session. Once those services are known, the client asks for it again when they need extra TLC. Neck treatments are a great add-on because most clients are concerned with lines and hyperpigmentation. I alternate a lightening serum and anti-aging serum during each neck treatment visit.
- Hila Head, Esthetician, It's All About You, Jacksonville, FL
I offer eybrow tints and eyelash tints. I'm in love with jane iredale makeup and offer to fill in the brows or color match them with a foundation. I also take the time with my waxing clients and do a skin analysis. I recommend a specific facial or body treatment, and always recommend products, whether they are skin care products or after-wax home-care products.
- Kimberly Morgan, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Gjetos Salon and Spa, White Lake, MI
For most estheticians, waxing is the bread and butter of our business, so it's important to keep them coming back for more! I offer package deals: several waxing services combined at a discounted price. I also suggest additional waxing services on the spot. If a client comes in for a brow wax and I can see that she needs other facial hair removed, I tactfully explain why an upper lip wax, for instance, would be beneficial to her. Cosmetic brow or lash color is a welcomed addition, too. Sometimes it leads to an entire cosmetic application. If there's no time for add-ons, I suggest something they can have done on their next visit, then schedule it before they leave, giving them something to really look forward to. My clients love the fact that I care enough to suggest services that make them look and feel their best.
- Donna Borgwardt, Owner/Esthetician, More Than Makeup, Random Lake, WI
I use every opportunity to share more of my menu with my clients during every service. I offer a calming treatment with cool towels and ingrown hair serum massages into the area that leaves them feeling pampered and smelling delightful. My bikini and Brazilian waxes have fun upgrades, like rhinestones, fun shapes and color. My biggest upgrade is to purchase a waxing package, which includes a combination of body services for a great price that leaves my client silky smooth all year long at extreme savings.
- Melody Valdez, Esthetician, Lateralus spa, San Antonio, TX
Skin refinement to reduce aging damage.
- A. Wood, President, VTL, Chicago, IL
I offer my clients cold stones to hold while I am waxing them(especially helpful for bikini/back waxing) and also apply the stones after waxing to help diminish redness. My clients usually ask what type of stones I use and why, which is the perfect segue to introducing them to hot/cold stone facials and body treatments. When your client can actually feel the stones soothing their bodies, it makes so much more sense as to how amazing it would feel during a relaxing treatment. Prepare to fill your books!
- Marisa Trammell, Owner/Esthetician, Marisa's Skincare Loft, Redlands, CA
I always suggest, brow-tinting during an eyebrow waxing session. I also take 15% off if the client prebooks a full body salt glow. After leg waxes, the salt glow adds a luster and shine to the legs and adds to the glow of the overall body. I usually recommend this about one to two weeks after the service. For men, when getting a back wax, I offer 15% off to prebook a back facial one to two weeks after there back wax. I usually get more service appointments by offering this.
- Gregory Coltren, Head Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Spa, Apex, NC
When we do leg waxing, we often suggest a pedicure, or a Gelish treatment for the toes. A body scrub is also an add-on and while we talk about dry skin, we often end up talking about skin care routines, expecialy in the winter time, as everybody is so dry from the cold. That leads to a booking for a facial. and so we go on and on, one treatment leading to another.
- Diana Sommer, Owner, B´licious, Kgs Lyngby, Copenhagen