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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from November 2011.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What's your New Year's resolution for your skin care facility?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!My New Year's resolution for my skin care facility will be to live by Maya Angelou's wise words, 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Being a skin care professional is not just about getting people into your room to provide a service. It is about being a person who cares about the well-being of the individual, whether that person has lost a loved one, is battling a serious problem or is just looking for some down time. Building a caring, welcoming facility that clients look forward to visit is my New Year's resolution.
- Janay Robinson, Esthetician, Esthetics by Janay, Albion, ID
My new skin care protocol for rosacea. After three years, I, at last, have a great skin care protocol for rosacea.
- Anatoli Silka, N/A, Anatoli Skin Care, San Francisco, CA
I would like to add more products to our retail area and facial/skin treatments. We currently use only one, but integrating more services as well as products will be great for the clients' skin.
- Kelli White, Esthetician, Madison Avenue Style, Indianapolis, IN
To expand our skin care to clients who have not previously considered undertaking a skin care regimen. We will do this by offering free informative seminars/demonstrations in colleges, vocational schools, high schools, senior citizen centers and malls.
- Sandra Guenette, Owner, Spa One, Colorado Springs, CO
At the dermatology office I work for, we are going strive to take care of the skin from the inside out. Drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest and eating balanced meals will not only improve your skin, but your overall health and quality of life! Making conscience decisions of everything that goes into our bodies will be our main concern in the upcoming year!
- Tonya Eakins, Medical Esthetician, Estero Dermatology, Fort Myers, FL
Get over our fear of growth! There is sometimes a chronic, paralyzing fear of growth--of expanding beyond controlling everything yourself. What to do? Move through it and expand plan-fully and mindfully. Determine the areas that must grow - in resources, staff, services, product development, exposure, etc., and invest in what will generate the biggest bang for our buck. You can’t make the living you want if you don’t grow beyond doing everything yourself. We are making this our year to grow!
- Michelle Young, Esthetician, Visage Center, Lone Tree, CO
Offer more and better anti-aging skin care products.
- Richard Tanner, MR, Executive Face & Body, San Diego, CA
Teamwork! Things seem to flow so much better when we work as a team. Sales always seem to increase, also. I think a positive atmosphere is always a wonderful thing!
- Janel Frisina, Medical Esthetician, Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Spec., New Paltz, NY
To integrate more overall customer-focused health and wellness into our skin care programs and solutions.
- Chris Fields, Director, Nutricosmetics, Janesville, WI
To continue to give back to my clients and community, and to provide nurturing, beautifying treatments for their bodies, minds and spirits.
- Marti DeCoste, Esthetician/Reiki Practitioner/Owner, Marti DeCoste Skin Care , Cornelius, NC
Our New Year's resolutions is to sell, sell, sell! We have great new products in that are organic and Ummelina-made including a new hand and body wash, burning sticks, reed diffusers and more. We are excited to get all of the new product info out to our clients. This next year is a going-forward year.
- Meghann Lawrence, Chief of operations, Ummelina, Seattle, WA
Create a newsletter that educates clients as well as estheticians on current skin care tips.
- Janice Thompson-Restaino, Esthetician, Red Mountain Resort & Spa, Dammeron Valley, UT
Research is the ultimate in giving the correct recommendations for at-home care. I will be spending more hours on education and research in 2012 to maximize my skin care business.
- Iola Van Oss, Owner, New Sensation, Appleton, WI
Keep building on our growth and team.
- Kerian Bray, Manager/Partner, Skin 'n Tonic, Lahaska, PA
To get my clients to make a commitment to their skin and make me their personal trainer for their face.
- Darcia Bondurant, Medical Esthetician, Mountain Radiance Medical Spa, Clyde, NC
Our New Year's resolution is to go above and beyond, making every single customer happy and satisfied with a whole lot of pampering and making them feel like a king or a queen every time they come in. We want to show our appreciation, because we would not have a business without them, especially with all the economic stresses today.
- Barbara Poulin-Wiest, Owner, MAD Minerals LLC, Marydel, MD
I recently opened my facility, so my resolution is to build up my business. I am marketing as much as I can and spreading the word about all the wonderful services I offer. So hopefully by the early spring all my hard work will have paid off!
- Shauna Bland, Owner, Abana Skin, Polson, MT
More marketing!
- Ashley Harvey, Owner/Esthetician, Pure Skin by Ashley, Spring, TX
My New Year's resolution is to grow the business. I would like to see a 30-40% increase in clients and sales. To do this, I will take advantage of media marketing, door hangers and a customer-referral program. Wow, it all sounds so easy!!! Better get to work.
- Desteni Bisio, Esthetician, Skin Care by Desteni at Kalay Zoay Salon, Kingsburg, CA
To educate and implement the importance of a skin care regimen.
- Alice Linton, Practice Administrator, Advanced Cosmetic and Aesthetic Surgery Center, Greenville, SC
Here in Southern California, we don't have the harsh winters, but I find that our clients still suffer from dry skin ... perhaps from too much sun and fun over the summer. We always begin with an exfoliating facial and end with layers of moisture. As an added bonus, we give our clients an LED treatment to seal in that moisture and to give them that extra glow that will last through the holidays!
- Leanne Cloud, Esthetician/Owner, Chartreux Belleux, Santa Clarita, CA
I'm going to increase my Internet presence by doing some YouTube videos with healthy skin tips, makeup tips and just all kinds of healthy tips in general, including good-for-you recipes! I also want to start hosting giveaways on my Facebook page. I think being on the Internet and connecting with my clients and future clients is really important in these times.
- Pearl Dworkin, Owner/Esthetician, Optimum Skincare, Millbrae, CA
My New Year's resolution for our facility is to be even more aware than we already are of client needs, and offer the best customer service possible. This day and age of fast service, all types of other businesses such as retail venues and restaurants treating customers like a herd of numbers. I'm so tired of going to places where I spend my money to have someone swing a bag towards my face and say ' HERE YOU GO!' Or going into any restaurant whether it be a high-end steakhouse or a greasy spoon, and having someone asking me while I'm still chewing....'ARE YA STILL WORKIN' ON IT?' It absolutely drives me nuts! What happened to customer service? The younger generation is not being taught customer service skills and basic courtesy, so I make it a point to almost stand on my head for my clientele, and give them more than they are paying for ... not just what they are paying for, or less than they are paying for. The goal is to have the client experience a pleasant visit, give stellar skin care advice and service, and provide excellent customer service.
- Nancie VanDePette, Creative Director, Esthetique Arts, Newport Beach, CA
My New Year's resolution is to make sure everyone leaves with an attitude of, 'I can't wait 'til I see you again!'
- Deborah Lynn, Esthetician/Manager, Healthy Skin by Deborah Lynn, Green Bay, WI
Clients! I'm planning on running a 'New Year, New Skin' type of promotion. I'd like to inform the general public of the importance of taking care of their skin and how regular facial treatments can help.
- Taylor Carl, Esthetician, Skin Deep Spa, Cedar Rapids, IA
Emphasize wearing sunscreen all year long, even in the winter, because the damage occurs the same all year long, not only in summer.
- Mary Compan, Owner/Operator, Touch of Venus Skincare, Dallas, TX
I resolve to update my retail space routinely to keep it new and inviting, as well as offering gifts and/or discounts for new referrals from existing clients. I am ready to build my business now that my littlest one is in school, and I plan on encouraging and rewarding my clients for sending their friends my way. I think these two simple resolutions will revitalize my skin care studio!!
- Ellen Adams, Owner, Skin Sense, Cedar Park, TX
Our resolution is to relocate our business. The goal is to expand retail space and offer new services that our existing clientele have requested. Careful planning and budgeting have made this move doable. We are looking forward to serving our current patrons and acquiring new ones.
- Kelly Wolcott, Owner/Esthetician, Dermal Vitality, Buford, GA
To go all natural..
- Bonnie Eisler, Owner/Esthetician, Le Bleu Medspa, Chalmette, LA
To upgrade and update our skin care lin,e and continue training our clients in proper skin care.
- Cindy Frahm, Owner, Cabin Creek Massage, Hurst, TX
To continue offering exceptional, result-proven treatments at competitive prices. To always give my clients not only a reason to come back, but also to refer their friends as well.
- Kristina Lloyd, Esthetician, SkinCare by Niki, Crofton, MD
Our New Year's resolution is too grow our business by 25%. We will do this by contacting some of our clients who have not been in the spa for a while. Give incentives to our clients when they send in their friends and co-workers. Just give the best possible service we can. We believe that everyone deserves to have beautiful skin, and we will do anything and everything to make that happen.
- Lynda Pappas, Owner, Skin Deep Facials, Campton Hills, IL
My New Year's resolution is to offer cutting-edge technology and top-notch customer service through educational opportunities for my clients.
- Janice Hurowitz, Esthetician, J Lynn Skin Care, Plainview, NY
To stay up to date with all anti-aging treatments and to address as many concerns that our clients have. Also, to help as many people achieve great results and still be able to afford it in this economy.
- Tatjana Dzamov, Medical Esthetician, Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery of Dublin, Columbus, OH
I want to add wedding makeup services and make my retail products more visible. I also want to get my Facebook page more active.
- Lucinda Kennedy, Owner, License To Chill Massage & Facials , Enid, OK
To be more open to EVERYONE I come in contact with about promoting our skin care line and treatments, even if it means giving out mini services.
- Dianna Charlton-Jones, Master Stylist/Cosmetologist, A Cut Above the Rest & Premier Salons at Macy's Woodfield, Hanover Park /Schaumburg, IL
Offering a new line of skin care products, as well as a new brochure for clients along with sharing a warm cup of tea with them as we discuss their needs.
- Judith Phelan, CEO, To Life Naturally Wellness Spa, Bakersfield, CA
Treat each individual's face as a work of art ...our skin is a canvas and deserves the right choices.
- Karen Clarke, Owner/Esthetician, Essence Personal Day Spa, Kamloops, BC
More happiness and joy in my life.
- Stella Yfantidis, Wellness Consultant, Vedana Resorts, Hue, Hue
Keeping my clients closer than ever and making them feel that even though their treatments may have gone from four weeks to now six weeks is so important. We are offering bundled treatments, so rather than every four weeks an $85. treatment, every six weeks we combine 3-4 treatments worth approx $190 for $120. The economy has dictated client behavior, so we have to give them better value and still make it important for them to keep up their professional exposure.
- Brenda Romanow, Owner/Esthetician, Desired Image Skin Care Clinic, Amherst, NY
My New Year's resolution for my facility is to expand our current clients spa services and make sure they experience everything. I will provide coupons for the holiday to encourage the volume from Jan-Dec 2012, providing a reason for each monthly promo. Example : March Madness: Get 50% off a new service or with a new service provider.
- Dina Rodriguez, Owner, Facial Impressions, Medina, OH
To help address our clients' skin care concerns through more advanced skin peels.
- Marcie Spires, Owner, Chocolat Day Spa, Manvel, TX
We are all training all over again. We are as an entire salon learning each department instead of just referring them to our lead specialist, who is not always available. In the hair salon, we tend to get a lot of questions about skin, but as a colorist, I don't know as much as I should. I feel if we know each department fully (what skin types are, how to do a facial, proper waxing and even clean up) we can help clients better and maybe unleash a hidden talent and spark energy there also. If we are educated and always feeding ourselves, we will grow.
- Kathy Hedges, Owner, Aqua Studio and Salon, Billings, MT
Get new clients, learn new treatments to offer, educate clients on skin needs and products, sell more retail and run more promotions!
- Alena Mendez, Spa Director/Owner, Unconscious Beauty, Stone Mountain , GA
My New Year's resolution is to create a private label product for my spa.
- Marquita Taylor, Owner, MT, Naperville, IL
Increase retail sales.
- Shannon Besfamilny, Owner, Rostik Salon and Spa, Overland Park, KS
Help and support my clients with the benefits good skin care habits. I need to start with helping them understand why it is important to use skin care and then support their journey of new discovery.
- Sharyn Newman, Owner, Sharyn's Beauty & Wellbeing, Mount Waverley, Victoria
My New Year's resolution this year is to offer something new and wonderful every year, and to cherish the current clients we have. We plan on an open house once every year to show our current clients a new service and encourage new clients to participate. We offer great deals at that time and encourage clients to take advantage of the savings. I never want to take our current clients who have been loyal to us over the past 10 years for granted, so I am always looking for ways to improve and keep up on the latest technology
- Stacy Wall, Owner, Metamorphosis, Ormond Beach, FL
New Year's what? My resolutions are moment to moment ... not year to year. Setting an intention and letting it go whenever I feel the need is how I roll.
- Rickie Harmon, Owner, Faces First--The Art of Skincare, Bainbridge Island, WA
To provide the highest possible customer service and deliver memorable treatments with viable results.
- Tracy Bolsinger, Esthetician, The Anti Age Spa, Greenwood Village, CO
To increase sales through recommendations and believe in the results of products--not just selling for monetary purposes, we want to educate clients.
- Ana Howard, Esthetician, AM PM Spa, Sherman Oaks, CA
Be more consistent in daily care.
- Michelle Castagne, Manager, Honey Do List, Belmont, CA
It's time to grow the business: add members and expand services. We need to decide what can be added that is new and exciting and beneficial to clients. We are learning a Thai facial massage technique that requires little new equipment or cost, but adds some exciting benefits to clients, such as increased circulation and relaxation. We are also adding Repechage's Four Layer Facial with its hands-on approach and increased methods of hydration, it is sure to please clients looking for younger, smoother skin. With all the great technology in laser treatments, we are looking to differentiate ourselves by increasing hands-on techniques that make clients feel pampered and look better. We can offer so much healing with our hands, and that is what we look to do in the new year.
- Marguerite Holland, Esthetician, Xentrik Beauty Lounge, Itasca, IL
My New Year's resolution for clients is to educate and encourage them to be proactive in guarding their skin from the sun and helping them realize what damage can occur, as well as the possibility of skin cancer.
- Kim Shoals, Esthetician, Ponte Vedra Skin, Ponte Vedra, FL
To design a mini affordable service treatment and promote it well.
- Linda Whyte, Owner/Hair Designer/Nail Tech, atmospHAiR spa, Lakemoor, IL
Our facility will focus on a more results-oriented menu. We will offer medium-depth peels, pair more services together as a whole package and, most importantly, listen to the customer!
- Candy Conrady, Medical Esthetician, Allura Aesthetic Center of NCFP, Johns Creek, GA
First of all, I will start being a little more forward in telling clients what they need to achieve their skin care goals. Also, I will be recommending all the products they need to achieve it, instead of being a little timid when recommending products. I am the professional, therefore I know what you need. Our spa is also going more green as we go, so I try to alert clients of the naturalness and green things we do in our spa. Also, I will be self-marketing more through existing clients, by giving them a little more if they refer a client to me. Our referral program works well, but I think with the incentive of a free product or products, it will be more effective.
- Gregory Coltren, Head Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Spa, Apex, NC
To use only natural and organic products.
- Zaneta Gintautas, Esthetician, Edward Health and Fitness Center: Spa at 7 Bridges, Naperville, IL
The New Year's resolution for my skin care boutique is to keep up with the industry trends and continue to work on building client relations and, more importantly, follow up with existing clientele with their treatment plans and home care regimens. In addition, I want to create and provide new seasonal treatments to offer clients to keep it exciting and fun!
- Christina Leung, Esthetician, Lucent Skincare, San Francisco, CA
Our resolution is to be an inspiration and source of support and encouragement to our clients, and to enable our clients to keep their resolutions, whether it is to feel better, look younger, lose weight or just pamper themselves more frequently.
- Lisa Caulkins, Esthetician, Resolutions Medical Spa, Oro Valley, AZ
We are committed to begin online booking. People need to be able to reach out and make an appointment any time of the day or night, and we feel that it is time for us to add this service to our operation.
- Susan Soto, Co-owner, Robin Stiles Salon Inc., Atlanta, GA
Increase service and retail by 15%! At the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, we want to create more incentives and educational opportunities for our education and service desk team. Cheers to 2012!
- Deedee Crossett, Dean, San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, San Francisco, CA
To finally find a skin care line that is exceptional.
- Melanie Ullman, Owner, Pure Bliss Salon & Spa, Lewes, DE
Updating my room with a new multi-use chair. Advertising my made-in-spa formulations for clients. Attending luncheons and speaking on essential oils, tea and the skin.
- Chere McCoy, President, Ego Hour, Inc., Vero Beach, FL
To increase my client base by 100, provide better customer service and spend more time teaching clients of the importance of good, natural skin care.
- Amina Amran, Partner, Loc It Up, Inc., Fayetteville, NC
To give the best treatments and relaxation to my wonderful, loyal clients and make them want to spend more and more time in my spa. I'll focus on giving them the best value. I also intend to reward my amazing employees for their hard work with treatments and products. Business is very hard during these harsh economic times, and it's good to know we have such loyal clients and staff.
- Katrina Smelt, Owner/Esthetician, Mayfair Salon & Spa, Blairsville, GA
To increase pre-booking 50%.
- Natalie Batovsky, Esthetician, The Hair After, Union Bridge, MD
My New Year's resolution for my facility is to ensure consistency, not only with treatment protocols, but also in the rooms. I will ensure consistency buy having 1. Clear policies(that I am working on now) regarding treatments, room set up and guest services; 2, Utilizing my front desk as a central oversite station where they can get feedback from our clients; and 3. Training my supervisors and staff on the importance of consistencies.
- Andrea Magalhaes, Spa Director, Qua Baths & Spa, Mystic Island, NJ
I just started fresh ... moved everything to change my spa with new color on the walls and new color on the accessories. It's just great! It is looking like a new place. I added a few new services on the minute, like the All About Skin treatments done in 40 minutes for busy clients, and a new employee treat that allows them to exchange services within. Everyone is happy. Happy new spa, happy New Year!
- Rita Ruanova, Skin Therapist/Owner, Clinica Estetica ELARI, San Ysidro , CA
This new year, I want to emphasize teamwork to achieve the best customer service and best results for our clients!
- Karen Roberts, Esthetician, Looks Salon and Spa, Columbia, MD
My New Year's resolution for my skin care facility will be to live by Maya Angelou's wise words, 'I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' Being a skin care professional is not just about getting people into your room to provide a service. It is about being a person who cares about the well-being of the individual, whether that person has lost a loved one, is battling a serious problem or is just looking for some down time. Building a caring, welcoming facility that clients look forward to visit is my New Year's resolution.
- Janay Robinson, Esthetician, Esthetics by Janay, Albion, ID
Spotlighting education by providing my clients with the right tools, information and helpful Internet resources. I don't want clients to get information that may be harmful or untrue or just a media hype story that may influence the wrong decision for maintaining their best asset.
- Regina Ventimiglia, Owner, Regina's Total Spa Services, Philadelphia, PA
Educate clients to take better care of their skin by sending an e-mail for each change of season.
- Antoinette Nardone, Owner, Yourbestskin, Huntington Beach, CA
We're going to give thanks for our wonderful year last year and resolve to do the same for the upcoming year. We seem to have survived the worst of the economy, coming out stronger than ever--lean, responsive and a cohesive team. This makes me feel like we can meet any challenges ahead. And we did it while upholding our mission to provide our clients with the best!
- Marguerite Barnett, Physician, Mandala Med-Spa, Sarasota, FL
I would like to take my skin care experts to the next level. I want to be consistent with monthly meetings, including a special guest speaker and hands-on education followed with a 15-minute phone meeting on what their goal is for the next month and what tools they need to achieve it. It's all about empowering my staff.
- Naomi Lewis, Chief Esthetic Officer , High Maintenance Skincare, Seattle, WA
To have our traditional Chinese medicine practitioner analyze all of our Monday clients for free--a five-minute procedure. This should keep us busy for the next month. Also, to retail authentic Chinese herbs and preparations to compliment this service.
- Narissa Khan, Spa Director, Skinlife Clinic, Medley, FL
We are moving into a new and larger space. After five years, my business is booming and I'm looking to expand and grow in the new year. I can't wait to refresh and bring a new energy to my craft.
- Doran Poma, Esthetician/Owner, Doran Poma Skin Care at The Parlor, Monterey, CA
When I opened my spa a year ago, the focus was on affordable luxury. I'm not an esthetician, my daughter is, which is why I opened the spa. I always thought of a facial as a fluffy, relaxing, splurge of time and money. Little did I know that regular serious skin care in the form of microdermabrasion and peels could make such a difference. I'm blond and blue eyed and spent WAY too much time in the sun as a youth. Therefore I had a ton of skin damage and hyperpigmentation. I don't treat myself with a facial more than once a month or so, there's no time. But with at least monthly treatments my skin looks younger than it did 10 years ago. I recently purchased a medical-grade LED light to offer red, infrared and blue light skin therapy at my spa. My goal for the new year is to focus more on skin treatments and getting serious about seeing results for our clients, than treating facials as a luxury. With micro and a light treatment, or a peel and a light treatment, our clients will start seeing some immediate longer lasting results and hopefully will recognize the value in getting regular skin treatments, not just facials.
- Vicky Lysenko, Owner, Bliss Facial Spa, Wesley Chapel, FL