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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from September 2011.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

How is your skin care facility appealing to the teen and tween market?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!We focus on promoting services and products in conjunction with school events. During prom season we promote sunless tanning and teen facials. Swimming, water polo and volleyball are very big sports in our local school. During these seasons, we offer specials on sport-specific massage for the tween and a parent. We also participate in wellness fairs at local school and YMCAs. I also try and pair teens with my younger estheticians and massage therapists so they feel more comfortable with someone that is not the age of their parent.
- Christal Wentzel, Owner, Shape Smart Wellness Spa, Wyomissing, PA
We have a medical spa membership program that is doing very well with three levels of membership available. We have recently added a teen membership that includes a customized treatment plan and home care products. The most common concern is acne, but we also see some for laser hair reduction or in some cases both. I think all patients really appreciate having a set plan with office treatments and home care. Patients and parents are learning a lot about skin care and they feel like they are being proactive (for lack of a better word) about their concerns.
- Heather Hultzer, Esthetician, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Annapolis, Annapolis, MD
We have specifically designed facial for teens, and offer aromatherapy massages that can be tailored to anyone.
- Mindy Ruddock, Massage Therapist, Noelle Day Spa and Salon, Milford, MA
i do need to market my services more fiercely, and find more products that advertise in teen magazines, as well.
- Wanderlea Steinert, Owner, Wanderlea's Beauty Clinic, Neptune Beach, FL
We have a young vibe to make them feel great about themselves. You get them on the right path to great skin and how to take care of their skin!!
- Lyndsey Schnabel, Esthetician, Vis a V Salon, West Sacramento, CA
We have special line for teens.
- Dana Swanson, Education Specialist, Remington College, Heathrow, FL
Aside from the acne care and makeup line that I offer, I think I need to work on improving my business in this area! I'm going to be reading the current issue today for pointers.
- Lindsay Earthsong, Esthetician, Earthsong, Eugene, OR
We use Radiancy's ClearTouch Lite acne equipment. It clears up their acne so much faster than using products alone, so the teens love us and talk about us to their friends!
- Shelley Hancock, Owner/Esthetician, Real Transformation Center, Foster City, CA
Recently we starting offering spa parties for up to four girls at a time. During their party they are treated to manicures, mini-facials, gift bags and a craft. They also receive cupcakes and a drink. We play music that the kids are currently listening to. All in all, a great time!
- Shari Ouellette, Esthetician, Beauty for the Soul Day Spa, Jay, ME
Ummelina doesn't necessarily market ourselves to teens or tweens other than educating parents. We have had moms bring their children in for weekly facials until their skin is on track and balanced then it will switch to shorter facials then to less often. We have seen tremendous results and it's nice to have a client that see's the benefits.
- Meghann Lawrence, COO, Ummelina, Seattle, WA
I provide free skin care classes to groups of teens and tweens, teaching them how to take care of their skin properly to avoid acne breakouts, deal with acne when it happens, and how to properly apply makeup so they don't look made up. It's a fun class where they feel safe to experiment with different makeup looks as well. I also provide low-cost homecoming, prom, and senior portrait makeup applications. They often also come in for expert brow shaping and maintenance, and I teach them how to maintain the shape between waxing appointments. Being a teen girl is hard in this day and age, and I am always supportive of who they are and encourage a positive self-image and self-confidence. When teens/tweens have healthy, beautiful skin, they naturally feel better about themselves.
- Teri Kotantoulas, Owner/Esthetician, Face To Face Esthetics, Highlands Ranch, CO
We offer teen versions of our most popular services at a reduced price and educate them on how to care for their skin. If you can gain their trust as young women, they will be loyal clients as they age and mature. We also retail products that the younger generation want and benefit from.
- Kari Mikeska, Spa Manager, The Waterford Wellness Spa, San Angelo, TX
We are initiating skin cancer seminars with mother/daughters in the area high schools.
- Colleen Page, Owner, La Dolce Salon & Spa, Carmel, IN
As a master esthetician, I spend a lot of time educating my teen clients, about the products they are using and why specific ingredients are optimal in dealing with acne, as well as how to properly cleanse and care for their skin. The best results come from the client truly understanding how the products actually work in order to control the breakouts. I have also built a reputation in my area as being the fun esthetician. I have iPod docking stations in my rooms so the young people can bring their own iPod and rock out to their own music. It keeps me young and hip, too! It's also very helpful to contact your local schools and offer to speak to the students in their health classes about acne and the causes and treatments. This free service brings in a lot of business.
- Erin Clausen, Owner/Esthetician/CIDESCO Diplomate, Belle en Vie Day Spa, Susanville, CA
We have just put together packages that are built for the teen market. Pampered Princess for 12 and under includes a mani/pedi, shampoo/style and mini facial, and The Diva is for teens, which includes facial, brow shape, mani/pedi, shampoo/style and a makeup lesson.
- Laura Bishop, Esthetician, Guys and Dolls, Mason, MI
The Nail Bar & Spa is appealing to the teen and tween market because it is fun, funky, chic and any other word you can imagine that sums up pink paint, a bar, damask frames and pillows. We did away with the traditional manicure stations and replaced them with a bar! Even our services are drink themed, Blueberry Daiquiri Spa Pedicure, Bahama Mama Facial and more. We also host birthday, prom, spa parties and more!
- Sheena Fussell, Owner, The Nail Bar & Spa, LLC, Mayfield Heights, OH
I was the teenager with severe acne. When I opened my skin care practice 13 years ago, I thought I would be flooded with teenagers since helping them appealed to me. It didn't happen that way. Instead I had to build up my teen practice with brow-shaping classes and from there have built up a pretty steady clientele of teen acne and waxing clients. My philosophy is less is more. I spend a lot of time educating teens on what they can do to address their skin problems from how to clean their skin, products to use, what not to do... once I have their skin looking great, then I can go over what makeup to use, how to address their own brows between appointments, and give them the confidence and knowledge to maintain their new looks. I give out samples of products and makeup as well as free LED light treatments with their first teen facial to show what is available. With teen/tweens, word of mouth has been very beneficial. I have also started using Facebook and Twitter to appeal to the tech savvy teeagers. Business has increased 50% over last year. I have learned to be creative with ways to reach out.
- Leslie Braga, Owner, Leslie Marie Body and Skin Care, Pleasanton, CA
Here at Skin Camp, I offer a $40, 30-minute Teen Facials that also includes educating the teen client on the very basics of skin care. I also am available via text for appointments and any questions my teen clients may have. Let's face it, all they do is text!
- Christy Camp, Owner/Esthetician , Skin Camp, Los Angeles, CA
Our spa holds tween/teen skin care clinics where we teach them how to care for their skin, what the root causes of acne are, what the different types of acne are and how nutrition effects what the skin looks like. We treat them with low-grade peels and skin care products in the travel sizes that are cost-effective when starting a regimen. We also have an all-natural juice bar in our spa, and we counsel them on nutrition and help them transition to healthier eating choices. All our smoothies, juices and snacks are 100% whole food, gluten free and raw dehydrated snacks.
- Susan Sakara, Owner, Lipstick Jungle Spa, Niles, MI
I work for a five-star hotel resort in Las Vegas. We recently launched a new skin care line, which specifically targets problem skin for teens and tweens. As an esthetician, it gives me great comfort to see teens be able to select a facial that addresses their needs. We have added a teen facial to our spa menu. The teen facial is a treatment designed for oily, acne-prone skin. It's formulated with a combination of salicylic acids and benzoyl peroxide used to remove excess oils and bacteria from the skin, resulting in clean, refreshed, healthy, oil-free skin.
- Bonnie Korkow , Esthetician, Four Seasons Hotel, North Las Vegas, Nevada
You always have clients with teenagers, some have problems and Mom always wants to help I like to suggest a clay or gel cleanser, to get their teen started with a good regimen. Maybe you can even give them some samples of scrub and an oil-free moisturizer. And offer your client a special price for teen facials, including extraction .
- Patricia Keylon, Esthetician , Herbal Skin , South San Francisco, CA
We include the tweens/teens in our surveys and ask that they fill out a survey card. This ensures we have a better understanding of their expectations, so that we can cater to all age groups. Plus, their expectations seem to change every five years. What services were favored for one generation may totally change for another.
- S. Ayala, Owner, The Synergistic Muse, Minneapolis, MN
Always use creativity and innovations. We let the beauty we love become the good we do. ;)
- Bruna Silveira, Owner, Reflections Beauty Spa, Hillside, NJ
We go to the schools and educate the tween market on good home care. We give them samples, offer free skin analysis and discount services.
- Sally Lewis, Esthetician, Specialty Care & Surgery Center, Kelseyville, CA
Teenage years are a tough time for change, and this is especially true for their skin. Hormonal changes, school stress and diet can cause some unlucky conditions, so I hold a session once a month for teens and tweens to educate them on the importance of a good, and easy, skin care routine as well as the harmful effects of the sun and prevention . I invite them for a free skin analysis and follow up with an Express Facial at a discounted price. During the facial, I give more of a hands-on approach so they can know how to apply the right pressure and not to overdo it on the product by letting the client do half the face. The kids really enjoy this. At the end of their lesson, they are sent home with sample products and a re-booking as needed. It is important to give the kids all the confidence they require, and a good skin care regimen is a great start.
- Kim Sullivan, Esthetician, Beauty On The Main, Woodridge, IL
With direct marketing ads focused on skin care special offers for teens and tweens. Also, we provide extras for referring a friend like free movie or concert ticket or drawings, and half-price makeovers if they bring a friend.
- Sandra Guenette, Owner, Spa One, Colorado Springs, CO
I don't think we appeal to that market at all. Our office is located in a wellness center, so the teens we do see are usually coming in because of their parents. Since we use natural and organic skincare lines, I feel that we appeal more to the college-bound and young professional crowd. It's hard to find great all natural and organic skin care lines that would be affordable to teens. I look forward to finding new brands with great price points.
- Allegra Thompson Jose, Owner/Massage Therapist, Pueo Lomilomi, Kaneohe, HA
I keep it simple! I offer shorter, less expensive treatments so my teen/tween clients (or their parents) can afford more regular visits. My at-home skin routines consist of basic, easy to use products, most of which are multipurpose. I would rather my clients, especially teens, visit me on a more regular basis than spend a fortune on at home products that they may or may not use.
- Cameron Cook, Owner/Esthetician, Skin by Cameron, Lihue, HI
We offer free airbrush makeup after an anti-acne facial.
- Barbara Wicklund, Owner, Cleopatras, Rockford, IL
I just did a workshop for 11 thirteen-year-olds last night in a private home. The experience is extremely heartwarming.
- Maureen O'Connor, Owner/Esthetician/Makeup Artist, ...ahh Time Skin Spa, Mashpee, MA
The sad thing is that it isn't! But thank you for the insight. I'm new to the esthetician world. I will do some troubleshooting and find some ways to cater to the tweeness of America and get the word out! I became an esthetician so I could make a difference in the world and would love to help any tween in need!
- Nicila Shahan , Esthetician , Re~Nu Salon & Spa, Carson City, NV
We have specials for prom, homecoming and graduation.
- Kristy Fulmer, Esthetician, FCNH, North Port, FL
We are offering the Hydrafacia,l which combines microdermabrasion with serums that help to combat acne and hydrate the face. We then put the teen or tween under LED lights with a wavelength that kills the P. bacteria that is responsible for acne. Finally we offer the Dermesse Acne Kit that contains a sulfur drying agent, a professional cleanser, toner, pads and retinol to combat breakouts and provide smooth, clean, well hydrated skin. We also encourage the use of a Clarisonic for the ultimate cleaning experience. We educate that while it is important to keep your face clean, you do not want to overdo and strip the face. We offer specials during prom and graduation season.
- Cathy Jennings, Co-owner, Hydro Rejuvenation Medispa, Jackson, TN
We do take lots of time to educate our teens about having a good skin care regimen. We also have a juniors menu and encourage parents to bring there children along for a day at the spa with them.
- Alena Mendez, Esthetician, Unconscious Beauty, Stone Mountain, GA
Our spa has a wonderful teen program to help them understand what is happening to their skin, and we offer a great teen facial. We also cater to teens and tweens with fun spa parties, giving them the total spa experience. They love it. We even teamed up with a limo company that takes the girls to their favorite place to eat when we have finished spoiling them.
- Sharon Butto, Owner/Skin Specialist, The Spa studio, Glens Falls, NY
We offer facials that are geared toward the teen/tween crowd, and offer classes on skin care and the importance of a good skin care regimen. Keeping the regimen simple so that it is easy to do but understanding what each step is for and what it is doing for their skin. We also offer makeup lessons so that the client is using the correct colors for their skin type, and they are taught how to apply the makeup, as often with younger clients they are a bit heavy handed or use there mother's makeup. I really enjoy this process and at the end, the client has had some fun learning and has picked out colors that they like. We also offer waxing for this age group.
- Robinn Bloom, Esthetician, Simonson's Salon & Spa, Minneapolis, MN
Offering packages for teens has been a great income for the business. We go to the schools and make them aware of the solutions, like the importance of keeping a clean face and avoiding the burning sun, drinking lot of water. We also educate and offer affordable prices for the parents.
- Rita Ruanova, Owner/Manager, Clinica Elari, San Ysidro, CA
Helps them to use your products every day and have monthly maintenance in our facility.
- Natalya Velichko, Spa Owner, Santa Clarita Massage, Saugus, CA
Using quality products and give them the best advice of how to take care of their skin to avoid acne problems. Most teens don't even make time to wash their faces at night. If you treat the teen with passion and care, they will come back to you and also you will win a lot of referrals.
- Zee Dao, Owner/Esthetician, Aesthetics By Zee, San Jose, CA
By encouraging healthy skin before problematic skin of teenage years.
- Tonya Crain, Assistant Manager, Wake Up to Makeup, Concord, CA
Treating acne has become my passion and the new direction in which I am taking my business. Not only teens suffer from acne, but they are the clients I love to work with. Changing their lives is so rewarding and seeing them smile again is the ultimate! In this endeavor, I am presenting educational forums to any youth groups who will have me. At the age of 50, I have become a Girl Scout so that I can inspire these girls and make a difference in their lives. The Girl Scout motto is "Build girls of courage, confidence and character to make the world a better place." If I can boost one girl's confidence by clearing her acne, I have succeeded.
- Brenda Griffin, Owner/Operator, Faces Plus, Tucson, AZ
Teens are not our primary customer. We are a in a strip center with little walk-by traffic. I think if we were in a mall setting, it might be different. We do some prom makeovers and many women bring their daughters/granddaughters in for lessons when they first begin to wear makeup. I am looking for ways to target this group by e-mail and mail.
- Sharon Shaner, Owner, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Zanesville, OH
Our spa facility is in the center of downtown Greensboro surrounded by six colleges and universities. Between August and September, thousands of students arrive into town to start a new school year and we try to provide them services and products that fit their time schedule and limited budget. We provide free 15 minute skin consultations to educate our young clients on proper and successful home skin care totally customized for their skin type and needs. During the first month's semester, we offer service specials such as the deliciously fragrant Organic Express Facial, giving youthful skin a refreshing glow for a college student-friendly price. Our Clean Start Teen Acne Facial featuring the Dermalogica Clean Start skin care line especially created and priced for the tween/teen clientele, has been very successful and we offer it year round.
- Martha Reino, Esthetician, 2020 SkinCare, Greensboro, NC
I invite mothers and daughters in for a cup of tea and a makeup party. Sometimes, a young girl will be more open to ideas from someone other than mom. I educate her on taking care of her skin so she has a beautiful palette to work with. I teach her technique on enhancing her natural beauty so people comment on how pretty she is, not how good her makeup looks. Mom usually learns a few tricks, too. Both leave laughing and happy and the daughter has her "new look" for the upcoming school year. I invite mom back for a service of her own after school gets started. It is a win-win situation.
- Grace Dale, Esthetician, Grace's, Independence, MO
We have been marketing to the tweens/teens from the beginning. We know how important it is to introduce spa services to this group; they are our future. We offer teen/tween spa parties. This is a great way to introduce skin care to the younger clients as well as their parents! It gets new people in the door. We make it fun by letting the girls make and take natural skin care recipes home with them. We offer a wide range of tween/teen services on their own menu to make it easy for them to choose the services that best fit their needs. We also offer product knowledge and advice for them to keep their skin in the best shape possible.
- Brenda Barnes, Owner, Spa Faces, Connellsville , PA
Our skin care facility is appealing to the teen and tween market by offering a skin care line called "Outer Peace" that helps to remove unwanted blemishes. We've even named a facial after this product line as a means to encompass relaxation with their treatment.
- Angela Clark, Esthetician, Aveda Institute, Rockmart, GA
We offer an introductory facial designed to treat teenage acne, while also educating the client about proper skin care so they may begin a lifelong habit of good care.
- Natalie Batovsky, Esthetician, The Spa at Roop's Mill, Union Bridge, MD
We are a facial spa; we have lower-priced facials to encourage moms to bring their teens in order to spend more time with their children while still getting the services they need.
- Anna Phan, Spa Director, Facelogic, South Barrington, IL
Our facility is appealing to the teen and tween market based on our cosmetic parents. When we get mothers and fathers in our facility for their own esthetic concerns, they bring their children. Instead of them just waiting in our lobby for their parents, we offer a complimentary facial. We pamper them, educate them, and they feel pretty and radiant. We sent them home with their own facial kit so that they can continue to take care of their skin and of course they and their parents enjoy that so much they make appointments for a family facial. We feel great that the young generation is taking care of their skin and they pass on the word to their friends and in some instances, the children refer their own parents for facials. It has been working marvelously for us.
- Teresa Montano, Esthetician, Golden State, Palmdale, CA
Not only do we have a tween/teen selection of treatments geared toward skin care and makeup lessons as well as brow shaping and education, we also provide the latest trend treatments such as feathers and glitter strands weaved into the hair and lash extensions
- Leanne Inman, Medical Esthetician, Casbah Day Spa, Abbotsford, BC
This market is not one of our big targets; we are more targeted to mature skin.
- Louella Williams, Owner, Escape Spa & Boutique, Chadds Ford, PA
We offer teen facials on how to properly cleanse.
- Pam Garnett, Esthetician, Uptown Salon, Petaluma, CA
I suffered with acne as a teenager, so I am just up front and honest with my teenage clients with the importance of taking care of their skin. I have tried and true stories that I am able to share with them. This makes them comfortable right off the bat. I give them an easy to follow at home regimen that anyone can be successful doing. I build a connection with them, which keeps them coming back and keeps them referring their friends to me.
- Amy Foster, Owner, Complete Escape, Atascadero, CA
In the 10 years we have been in business, we have always kept a teen facial for $45 on our menu. Included is a 45-minute facial, customized for their skin type, consultation on home care to better improve the skin and small samples of a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer. We advertise this facial in newsletters at local schools, before school photos and before prom or graduation. Events like these are a milestone in a young person's mind. We also encourage parents who are clients at our skin care facility to treat a young person in their life with the gift of a teen facial. They may purchase a $45 gift certificate for a birthday, holiday, or just because. We treat our young clients with care, dignity and an extra gentle touch. This approach leaves them with an experience that was positive, often leading to a repeat facial at our salon.
- Rachael Virzi, Owner/Esthetician, Ambiance Skin Care, Santa Rosa, CA
We aim high for mainly teens who deal with problematic skin; offering chemical peels and acne facials.
- Katie Gilker, Esthetician , The House of Brows, Cincinnati, OH
We offer tween and teen birthday parties that include a 50-minute facial, a room for cake, punch and music, samples to take home. And the best is a disco ball that hangs from the ceiling. The girls love it and at least three new booking parties come out of a party of eight tween/teens. Business is picking up and moms are joining in on Ladies Night Out with special pricing on facials and a cocktail.
- Donna Longo, Owner, Bronze Beauties, Melbourne, FL
I have a one-room practice in a plastic surgeons office, so there is no room for anything special that will draw them in. I fortunately have a very large teen/tween client due my acne success rate. I give them a lot of attention, call them a few days after treatment and stay in constant contact with them through text messaging and Facebook, which they love. I have a very close relationship with most of the kids and work very hard at keeping up with them on a weekly bases; they consider me a friend and I love that. The moms get a kick out of how much the boys open up to me when they see them hug me goodbye. Everyone likes attention, and I think kids even more so. In the end, I work very hard to achieve excellent results, I care, I educate, I'm a friend and teach them all about the laws of attraction and positive energy and they ALL seem to love that!
- Tina Kirch, Owner/Esthetician, Pure Skin, Stony Brook, NY
We offer a Teen Clean facial and market these to the parents. It is a big hit with our spa, and we have many teens for facials, waxings and mani/pedi services. We sell lots of skin care products to the parents for the teens.
- Kathleen Green, Esthetician, Kaffee's Garden Spa, Manalapan, FL
First of all, we offer a teen facial that includes skin analysis, double cleansing, mask and hot towels. We also do skin mapping on our retail floor and always have an esthetician on site. We give out samples of our professional cleansers after we skin map the face.
- Laura Pearson, Esthetician, Beauty Brands, Bloomington, IL
My skin care facility is appealing to the teen and tween market very well. This group of young women like the fact that they are taking responsibility for the care of their skin; they are also excited and respond beautifully to their daily skin care regimen.
- Ellen Dorsey, Owner/Esthetician, Angelfaces Skincare & Bodycare, LLC, Baltimore, MD
Watch the trends. If feathers in the hair are the trend then market that with full color posters. If lime green eye shadow is what is appealing to that generation, market that. I have found if you do your homework and look at what the shops in the mall, for example, the hair and jewelry stores are doing--they are very up with the next trend. Grab their attention with something they really want to get them in and maybe interested in skin and clear skin. Spa or makeup birthday parties are big right now.
- Amy Nordic, Manager, COP, Bartlesville, OK
We now offer a red light therapy bed that is UV-free. It is a 40-bulb 15-minute bed that will address blemishes and reduce acne, scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and reduces pores.We also offer special after-school specials weekly.
- Robin Jones, Owner , Sun Struck , Columbus , MS
Once a month, I offer a skin-over, like a sleep-over, but offered during the day. I serve popcorn, soda, candy and play really cool music. I do a PowerPoint on skin care and why it is so important. Then I do a show and tell and everyone gets to experiment with the products. I also send fliers around the high schools and colleges in the area.
- Michelle Felker, Owner, Salon Sensational, Frisco, TX
Our day spa offers spa packages that appeal to the teen and tween market. One of the most popular packages we offer is the mother/daughter spa day.
- JoBeth Liang, Esthetician, Touch of Class Day Spa and Salon, Tallahassee, FL
We offer Teen Facials that are cleansing, and extractions won't scar like if they did them at home. Carrying products that are able to help their skin issues is always a plus. You need to cleanse, yet not dry out, so that's difficult.
- Tanya Lykes, Owner, Skin Care of Victoria, Victoria, TX
Well for starters, we offer a teen acne facial with high frequency. We also offer a discount to parents who bring in there children for services, like our mini diva services or packages. We do a back-to-school-type promotion for kids going into high school with acne or young girls who are in need to start brow waxing. We promote our makeup for spring flings and proms. We also promote through our clients that are teachers. If they refer students, they receive discounts. A client of mine owns an ice cream shop, and she allows me to have fliers there for our teen promotions.
- Gregory Coltren, Lead Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Spa, Apex, NC
I have a lot of teens coming to me for acne facials. That is the most popular service among the teens.
- Ashley Andersen, Esthetician , AMA Spa, Redondo Beach, CA
We offer a teen facial for only $29. The facial includes deep cleaning, extractions and high frequency. We use products that are specifically for acne. We also try to educate our teens while they are in the chair about what causes the acne, not to pick and how to take care of their skin at home. We also try to talk to the young women about NOT going in to tanning beds. We talk to them about self-tanners and how dangerous tanning beds are for them. We have a pretty good teen facial clientele. In fact, on Monday we have three teen facials booked.
- Vicky Lysenko, Owner, Bliss Facial Spa, Wesley Chapel, FL
As the owner and operator of Kim Laudati Skin Care, a boutique skin clinic located on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I make it a point to stay informed on the latest trends and concerns of the younger market. I know that age-prevention is huge in this area. Procedures and products such as cosmeceuticals must perform as represented. Also green awareness and organics are very important to the teens in my area, so I supply one of the best options.. I never talk down to my clients no matter what age group and I always encourage questions. Keeping a large presence via social networking is of utmost importance; it's how more than 50% of these young clients find out about me and my clinic. Lastly, I allow an open line of full communication, stressing that it is OK to not only reach out to me via phone and e-mail, but to Facebook-message me, follow me on my FB fanpage and my other social networking sites, and to text me. Most of these tween and teen clients request their appointments and ask their questions via text messaging. Staying educated so that I can educate them on the latest and best ways to take care of their skin puts the icing on top of the teen market cake.
- Kim Laudati, Owner/Operator, Kim Laudati Skin Care, Floral Park, NY
Our facility is relaxing and tranquil. It appeals to all ages and genders. Our staff is hip and young-ish, yet mature. Most of our teens and tweens are referred by their moms; and come, knowing their moms trust us. We have products that appeal to their needs, and we treat them as though they are important.
- Britt Phillips, Face the Day with Britt, Massage on University, Rochester, NY
We are located in a newer, modern, hip salon that is attractive to teens and pre-teens with more than 4,800 square feet, a refreshment center, flat screens and a great selection of up to date music. Teens and pre-teens like to come in with Mom or Dad. I like to invite parents to book appointments for their teens and pre-teens. What I find is, that a basic skin care 101 session, along with a teen facial and a basic skin care kit, can start them on the right foot and create interest in knowing how to treat their skin. The key element I like to teach is that if you start out with a simple routine, before you run into problems with congestion and pimples, you may be able to avoid such issues. In the treatment, I explain what I'm doing while the facial is being given. So, they understand what it is that they will do at home. Explaining each step, with the same type of products in their take-home kit. The kit can be a travel kit, and figured into the price of the treatment. When we finish, I go over the kit and products once again, and write down simple directions. It needs to be simple and short. Cleanse, tone or treatment, and moisturize with a sunscreen, customized for the teens skin type. As with any good habit, such as brushing and flossing the teeth, a good understanding of skin care that is started at a young age can translate into healthy, vibrant skin as an adult.
- Sadie Ranov, Skin Care Expert, Dre's Salon, Scottsdale, AZ
We carry a wide variety of affordable acne skin care products. Our facial treatments are promoted for teens and tweens by giving seasonal discounts, such as prom time, birthdays and other special occasions. Purchasing a series of treatments will help the customer save money. We also donate prizes and gifts to schools, and sponsor youth events. The winner of a drawing could win a treatment or a basket of products. Another attraction is having an end of school year treat for teens and tweens by encouraging good grades. We advertise that if they have an all As report card and have a time line where they can bring it in and receive a free facial treatment such as a teen facial along with receiving products to maintain healthy skin care. This is a positive publicity and parents will also appreciate this promotion that is good for school and skin.
- Mona Mahmood, Esthetician, Secret Oasis, Troy, MI
I find that the market for acne treatment is in demand, as well as preventive treatments for mature skin.
- Rita Coon, Owner/Esthetician, Skin Care by Rita, Warrenville, SC
The Flowering Almond Spa at The Founders Inn Hotel appeals to the teen/tween market by offering a 40-minute teen facial at a reasonable price of $80. During the facial, we begin with an 8-10 minute consultation by asking the teens about their skin concerns, their diet and eating habits and their extracurricular activities followed by healthy lifestyle choices that would benefit their skin. Then we develop an at-home skin care regimen for them to promote constant skin health and a great self esteem. To show our appreciation for their patronage, we send them home with a free travel size gift of two products to get them started on a results-driven skin care routine. They achieve awesome results and we help them become comfortable in their own skin.
- Tiffany Crews, Master Esthetician, The Flowering Almond Spa at The Founders Inn, Norfolk, VA
My teens and tweens both love systems that work personally for them. They love the smells, the feels, and the appearance of the products and their results in order to brag among their friends.
- Jewell Hawkins, Owner, Jewell"s Salon & Spa, Annapolis, MD
They come in for acne care on a daily basis and for daily routine skin care.
- Barb Pompeii, Owner, Thundercutz, Union, OH
Simplicity and no pain is key with girl and male clients, as well as pleasant decor. Begin with an extra relaxing massage on the neck and shoulders. Offer treatments that are geared toward deep cleansing to reduce the inflammation, as well as oxygen and a good variety of masks. Extra attention to the mouth area, to the forehead and to the chin is necessary.
- Teodoro Robles, MD, Centro Integral de Salud y Belleza, CALEXICO, CA
I have not even had to market my sunless tanning services. The word is out on the dangers of natural rays and especially about the dangers and restrictions of tanning beds. I have found the most reliable airbrush tanning line and one teen (a neighbor) had it done and loved the results. All of her friends loved her results as well, and now I can't keep enough product in stock!
- Barbara Rutecki, Owner, Smile Sunshine Company, Brigantine, NJ
Once a month, we have a spa event called Little Divas' Weekend. It is the third Saturday and Sunday of every month, and ages 12-15 years attend. Our package consist of four hours, 9am to 1pm (breakfast included) or 2 pm to 6 pm (lunch included). Services include full spa package and image makeovers. As incentive, after completing three packages, you receive one free. Teens love to see their before and after photos.
- Paola Sandin, President/Founder, Relaxar Aesthetic Clinique, Miami, FL
We're doing a lot of organic spray tans for the teens. This service is a lot healthier than tanning beds. It doesn't turn orange and it doesn't have the intoxicating smell as traditional spray booths.
- Christine Daniels, Owner, Face, Skin and Body, Pittsburgh, PA
Pink Party ages 5-10: Young ladies will have their hair styled, nails painted and pictures taken. They will receive balloons and a special gift from the salon. A variety of pizzas and sodas will be served. Teen Queen ages 11-15: Girls will be trained on proper skin care and hygiene routines. All girls receive mini manicures and pedicures and will have their pictures taken as well. Refreshing virgin cocktails will be served along with assorted appetizers. Super Sassy ages 15-17: Teens will learn makeup tricks and application techniques and receive training on skin care and hygiene routines. Girls will receive information on what's hot in Hollywood right now and will learn where to get the latest trends in beauty. All young ladies will receive manicures and pedicures and sip on exotic virgin cocktails and snack on an array of appetizers.
- Pamela Wilson, Master Esthetician, Entorage Spa, Virginia Beach, VA
We offer a prom/homecoming package that offers several visits, so when that special day comes, their skin is in fabulous shape.
- Jackie Aldridge, Esthetician, Peaceful Skin Care, Folkston, GA
We are a medical spa in northern Iowa, and we don't have a huge tween market, but the few we do have are very loyal and are always up to trying the newest services and products.
- Amy Buseman, Esthetician, Estetico, Clarion, IA
We are set in a 300-year-old house that gives a relaxing feeling of being in someone's home. This is a setting that lets teens and tweens be more at ease. We also do specials for back to school for the teen market. Our staff is most important in appealing to the teens. We make sure they know how to explain simple, easy skin care regimens and educate them on what to do for their specific skin type.
- Rachael Cerullo, Esthetician/Owner, Pozitively Young Salon & Spa, Tyngsboro, MA
We offer a Pamper Me Facial Club. The teen membership portion offers two treatments per month, a home care kit, an educational program which teaches them about taking care of their skin, and a makeup lesson. The treatments vary, depending on the severity of the acne and include facials, salicylic peels or laser acne treatments--all at the discretion of the esthetician. The cost is $95 per month.
- Vicky Rappaport, Executive Director, Lifestyle, Richboro, PA
My company's marketing staff is in charge of what the market desires to present at all ages.
- Fred Daneshyar, Senior Chemist, Estee Lauder Companies, Melville, NY
I am preparing to go to the junior high school in my small town again this year, and talk about skin care, tweezing eyebrows effectively, makeup, and image. I like to volunteer in my community, and this is my way of giving back. I take samples of different skin care lines, and I hand out samples of sunscreen. We are in the high desert, so I request brochures from the AAD regarding skin cancer. I do get some teens and tweens, but the moms and teachers will book a facial and express their gratitude. I am one small person, hopefully making a huge difference!
- Sharman Marchant, Esthetician, Independent Contractor, Sedona, AZ
We here at Melinda's Medical Day Spa in North Myrtle Beach, SC, have began a Spa Kids menu. Our menu includes The Little Princess Facial and the Little Prince Facial. These services teach children the basics of good skin care routines and how to prevent future problems. We also have a teen facial that includes a complementary mini makeover with Jane Iredale makeup.
- Melinda Reeves, Owner/Esthetician, Melinda's Day Spa, North Myrtle Beach, SC
We are offering $49 teen facials and, for the parents, a $20-off Summer Skin Saver gift certificate. When they come for their services, we educate them on the importance of starting now while they are young on a good skin care regimen for their skin type and condition. We address each skin care concern individually. Upon leaving, they receive skin care samples and a bottle of water with Rare Accents Day Spa's name on it, hopefully pre-booking their next service. The most important thing we offer is a $15 dollar credit for each of they're friends that they refer to us, spreading the word. We love our families, and treat any new person as if they already are a member.
- Angela Doss, Licenced Clinical Esthetician, Rare Accents Salon & Day Spa, Palm Harbor, FL
Not so well. They do not spend very much on skin care, nor do the parents wish to.
- Pamela Denton, Vice President, Victoria's Day Spa , Yorktown, VA
I am doing really good with teens; they are very excited about skin care, especially the ones who have acne problems. After extractions, you pamper them with a ear massage and they wanted to come back for more treatments.
- Marie Claire Santorelli, Esthetician , Cosmedical Spa, Fairburn, GA
We are close to three private high schools and one major public high school. We offer prom, homecoming and dance specials with updo and makeup, then offer this as a free service for the girl who brings in five friends for the service. From there, we can work in skin care both with the girl and her mom as a mother/daughter package.
- Tracy Bolsinger, Esthetician, The Anti-Age Spa at Leigh Ann, Greenwood Village, CO
Our skin care facility is appealing to teens and tweens because we offer them the pampering and relaxation they need, thus helping them with all their skin care needs. We have monthly tweens/teens night-outs, which include mini educational classes answering concerns with their skin, giving them healthy tips on how to follow a good skin care regimen and nutritional diet at home, and offering customized skin care treatments for them, such as facials, bacials, and other services, always at a good, reasonable price.
- Irma Garza, Esthetician, Arango Aesthetics , McAllen, TX
We are located next to a tanning salon and offer safe airbrush spray tanning at our facility that parents love! We have also added a tester display of our Dermalogica Clean Start line that is geared toward the teen/tween demographic next door and we offer $5 off any service coupons to all of their clients. Not just tanning teens. The curiosity allows us to start the conversation about healthy skin and the importance of at-home maintenance. We offer a 30 minute facial that takes some of the fluff out of the service and makes it a little more affordable to a working teenager or the cost-conscious parent that wants to start implementing healthy habits in their child and provide a professional for them to consult with. We do this instead of nagging the parent, as we have found that the parent doesn't know how to guide their adolescents, since proper skin care wasn't really focused on in their youth.
- Ashley Lawton, Esthetician , Body & Sol, Toledo, OH
We offer Dermalogica's Clean Start line, teen facials and clear up treatments, spa parties and mani/pedis.
- Lisa Holtham, Owner, Skin Benefit, New Braunfels, TX
I am currently adding an organic/natural herbal line that is formulated to address existing conditions with an Eastern philosophy of correcting the problem rather than reducing symptomatic responses to existing problems as this helps to target the current alternative wellness/yoga university population of my region. We are on the ocean and have a thriving young cultural group of folks living/vacationing here, as well as movie industry individuals who expect up-to-the-minute innovations in skin care that is holistic and pure, but functional.
- Beverly Turner, Owner/Operator, Lumin Essence by Beverly Turner, Wilmington , NC
I believe almost all teens love makeup, so any makeup is appealing to them.
- Kelly Oliveira, Esthetician, Polished Look, South Dartmouth, MA
i offered a back-to-school teen facial discount, and am also meeting with moms in the PTA to discuss good skin habits.
- Amy Runyan, Owner/Esthetician, Skin Studio, Orlando, FL
Quite often teens complain of the summer heat and the damages they are experiencing from it, so I try to capitalize on this problem. I have a discounted offer for teens who have sunburns and a 30% discount if they bring in another client with sun-damaged skin. Teens are preparing for their college return, and they are very excited about getting their faces looking refreshed and renewed. I offer 30% with each manicure or pedicure done. I ensure that my technician has a very adorable face by putting on her makeup in the most glamorous eye-catching manner and as the teens enter the spa, they are like 'Wow! Can I get my face like that?'
- Girvanette Morris, Owner, Gem Spa, North Lauderdale, FL
We are equating good skin with being happy. Today's teens and tweens are so busy with education, sports, volunteering, some even working, and kids do not seem as happy as they once were. So by marketing to them happy skin, diva parties (teach makeup application) and a quick skin care regimen sales are up by 25%.
- Lisa Baker, CEO, Lisa's Skin Shop, Lombard, IL
We carry the Clean Start brand at our salon/spa, and we have really been targeting teens to come in and get treatments for back to school, and let them know the benefits of using products directed to their skin type. We have a back-to-school special of buy two products at regular price and get the third item for 50% off! We have been selling out like crazy!
- Megan White, Skin Therapist, Have Salon and Spa, Pulaski, WI
We believe you are never too young (or old) to start a balanced skin care program. We sell a variety of products, covering our bases from acne to aging skin. We offer acne laser treatments, laser hair removal, facials and more. These treatments can be enjoyed by clients of all ages.
- Shanyn Richtmyer, RN, Mountain Surgical Arts, Helena, MT
Teens and tweens are never confident about their skin and the regimen needed to keep their skin clean and healthy. Usually the responsibility of skin care is left up to the parent to monitor the teen or tweens needs as to how they take care of their skin. This pays off in talking to the parent and discussing ways to provide healthy skin for their kids.
- Michelle Ervin, Owner, The Comfort Zone Spa, Brandon, FL
We focus on promoting services and products in conjunction with school events. During prom season we promote sunless tanning and teen facials. Swimming, water polo and volleyball are very big sports in our local school. During these seasons, we offer specials on sport-specific massage for the tween and a parent. We also participate in wellness fairs at local school and YMCAs. I also try and pair teens with my younger estheticians and massage therapists so they feel more comfortable with someone that is not the age of their parent.
- Christal Wentzel, Owner, Shape Smart Wellness Spa, Wyomissing, PA
We offer teen services with teen facials and makeup applications.
- Marcie Spires, Owner, Chocolat Day Spa, Manvel, TX
I'm a 55-year-old Florida licensed esthetician. I don't have even one wrinkle or pimple on my face. My niece ask me all the time, how do you keep up with your skin so soft, beautiful, glowing, wrinkle and pimple-free skin? Now, i give her facials every two weeks. All you need are good products, and to be very, very, very dedicated to your skin every single day, it is very important.
- Sonia Morales, Esthecian, Estrella Skin Care, Miami, FL
My skin care facility is in a wellness center in a small, rural farm community in central Wisconsin. So far, not many teens or tweens have even stopped in inquiring about my services. Only one or two teens have been referred by their mothers. I have been working there for about a month now, and I am concerned on how to draw in more of the "tween" crowd, and to educate them on how to take care of their skin.
- Felicia Rasmussen, Esthetician, Back to Bliss Wellness, Colby, WI
I have started offering a 25-minute micro-facial for my teen and tween market, and it is working wonderfully!
- Danielle Schukar, Master Esthetician, The Studio, Urbana, Illinois