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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from May 2011.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What actions do you take in your community to raise awareness about the importance of sunscreen and dangers of tanning?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!One of the actions I do on an annual basis is go into my youngest daughter's preschool and talk to the kids about sunscreen. I ask what they know about the sun and why do we wear sunscreen. I educate them on how they should be wearing it year-round and not just when they are on vacation or in the summer. I make each child a goody bag filled with samples of sunscreens and a letter addressed to the parents on what I talked to their children about, the importance of sunscreen and to start them with the habit of sunscreen young! I also make a point to tell our littlest citizens to keep on top of their parents and to make sure they sunscreen themselves as well!
- Stephanie Knight, Esthetician/Owner, Steph's Room, Pleasant Hill, CA
During every skin care treatment, I tell my clients about the importance of sunscreen. I also like to hand out samples. I blog about it whenever I have the opportunity to talk to a new group and write articles.
- Loretta Leda, CEO, Florida Spa Girls, Winter Garden, FL
I explain how critical sunscreen use is to each client. I show them the damage to their own skin with a Wood's lamp. Also using the Woods lamp, I show my own hands to demonstrate how sunscreen acts as a barrier against sun damage by applying sunscreen to half of my hand. And I always finish every facial with a good sunscreen.
- Cynthia Ellis, Owner/Skin Care Therapist, Great Skin by Cyn, Springfield, VA
We offer sunless tanning and explain why we don't have the "popular" tanning beds. We post SPF reminders on our Facebook page
- Monica Salvatierra , Owner/CMT, Aqua Essentials Day Spa , Madera, CA
Passing out sunscreen samples to pedestrians while at sidewalk sales, along with offering a free screening of concerned people. We set up visual displays of various sun-damaged skin, cancer and over-tanning.
- Emer Gomez, Owner, Tricology, Summit, IL
The African-American community as a whole is not aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen or the dangers of tanning for those of lighter complexions. So I often bring it up in casual conversation ... word of mouth is very powerful! I am also participating in a church health fair to reach even more!
- Rosalyn Collins, Consultant/Owner, Rosalyn Collins, Santa Barbara, CA
I believe reaching young people and educating them will change the future, so I participate in career fairs at my local junior high school and am working the high school to do the same in coming years. This May will be the third year I have participated at the junior high level and many of the students I have talked to remember UV protection when they see me. At the fair, I bring my skin scanner, Wood's lamp and magnifying visor and let them see what their skin really looks like, many of them already have noticeable hyperpigmentation at the dermal level. I talk about how to use UV protection properly and the dangers of tanning beds. Next year, I plan to implement speaking engagements at the local schools to educate more students. The use of the word sunscreen is out--I teach them about UV protection and how important it is year-round, even on blah, cloudy, New England days. Empowering students with information will change their future.
- Glenda Engelbach, CEO/Esthetician, G. Skin Therapy, Exeter, NH
I have the pleasure to collaborate in central Florida writing articles about health and beauty, weekly and bi-weekly to different Hispanic newspapers and magazines, and always encourage clients and readers to use sun protection every day as part of a daily routine and AVOID getting into the pool, going to the beach or going outdoors without sun protection. I also explain how tanning can damage the skin that can end in skin cancer.
- Zaida Brett, Owner/Founder, Zahiras Skin Care & Spa, Orlando, FL
One of the actions I do on an annual basis is go into my youngest daughter's preschool and talk to the kids about sunscreen. I ask what they know about the sun and why do we wear sunscreen. I educate them on how they should be wearing it year-round and not just when they are on vacation or in the summer. I make each child a goody bag filled with samples of sunscreens and a letter addressed to the parents on what I talked to their children about, the importance of sunscreen and to start them with the habit of sunscreen young! I also make a point to tell our littlest citizens to keep on top of their parents and to make sure they sunscreen themselves as well!
- Stephanie Knight, Esthetician/Owner, Steph's Room, Pleasant Hill, CA
I received a one-page brochure from my health insurance provider on the risks of tanning, using sunscreen and skin cancer. I made multiple copies of this and passed it out to my 17-year-old daughter's friends and her soccer team. I talk to her closest friends whenever I get the chance about the dangers of excessive sun exposure and how what they do now will impact how they look when they're 40 (wrinkles, early sagging, skin cancer). Some of them actually listen.
- Gail Winkleman, President, Healing Hands Oasis, LLC, Mogadore, OH
I educate my clients on the dangers of tanning (in sun and in tanning beds).
- Pendith Moles, Owner, Flerish, San Diego, CA
I carry packets if sunscreen wherever I go, and also have a wide selection of hats that I loan to visitors to my home. I will just walk up to folks cooking in the sun and offer my sunscreen.
- Olivia Combs, Esthetician, Esthetics for Skeptics, Los Gatos, CA
Great question! Here is a brief description of all we do: Teen classes to educate teens on skin care and dangers of UV tanning. Adult Age Proofing Classes to demonstrate skin care products that are SPF based and to educate on the dangers of UV. We offer airbrush tanning as a UV alternative. Every facial client leaves with sunscreen applied, usually with a mineral powder base with SPF 20. Participate in wellness fairs where we constantly educate about UV sun damage and show how to protect skin using chemical or physical barriers. Write article for magazines, such as Vermont Bride Magazine, emphasizing skin care regimens and the effect of sun damage. Discuss topics on our Facebook status, such as " Did you know that lip gloss magnifies the effects of the sun, and that your lips do not have protective melanin? Use a base sunscreen on your lips prior to using lip gloss." Discuss the effects of the sun on our e-mail blasts and how airbrush tanning is a safer alternative. Personalize discussion with each skin care client on the effects of the sun. Practice safe tanning practices ourselves to show our clients how it is done. Offer rree makeup applications to show clients how to achieve a bronzed look with a safe mineral makeup alternative. Sell daytime moisturizers that have an SPF infused in them. Use a seasonal affective disorder light in our tanning room for the light therapy of the sun, and purchased one recommended by the Mayo Clinic for it safe UV spectrum light. Do not use UV light on the hands during nail polish applications as the UV light on the hands will lead to aged-looking skin. We know the sun is damaging our clients skin and we feel strongly that repeated education is how they will learn and feel comfortable with all the alternatives that we give them.
- Sara Daly, President, Waterfalls Day Spa, Middlebury, VT
Organizing and working a skin cancer screening clinic each year, discussing sunscreen and cancer avoidance with media and patients.
- Christopher Moeller, Physician/Owner, Moeller Dermatology, Wichita, KS
Every year, I take my Wood's lamp and go into my daughter's classroom and give them my little sun damage speech. I started in preschool and we are now in our third year of doing this. The teachers love it and let me use their skin as well as mine to show the dangers of too much sun and the tanning booth. Then we use a few of the students to show them the difference of what healthy skin without all the tanning exposure looks like underneath the lamp. The children are very receptive and ask lots of questions, and I know it works because moms have called me days later to say "
- Ann Slanga, Owner/Master Esthetician, Fresh Face Loftique, White Bear Lake, MN
I just posted on Facebook a reminder about using sunscreen even now in this gray weather we are having. I educate them about UVA and UVB rays present, and that they need a physical block in their SPFs. I gave them an incentive for 10% off all sunscreens. Not much but it is a reminder.
- Jenny Haugen, Owner/Esthetician, Vitality Skin Care, Lake Tapps, WA
I advise all of my clients to use sunscreen everyday, even in winter.
- Tulay Senturk, Esthetician, Homespa, Crystal Lake, IL
I work at my daughter's school, and have a facial and skin care class with the students that sign up. I always talk about the importance sunscreen and UVA, UVB. I talk about what a tan really is.
- Roberta DeMartini, Esthetician, Osmosis Day Spa, Sebastopol, CA
I explain how important it is to use sunscreen if they are going to be out in the sun and use examples of damage of the sun and tanning beds if proper precautions are not taken.
- Barb Pompeii, Owner, Thundercutz, Union, OH
I live in south Alabama near the beach, so people here still seem to think it's healthy to be really tan. Whenever someone talks about being out in the sun (laying out or being out on the boat all day) or going to the tanning bed, I educate them about the dangers of the sun and the benefits of sunscreen. I have even been known to point out someone with leathery skin at happy hour and say "See ... that' s what you will look like in 20 years! " Hopefully they are listening!
- Holly Gardner, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Self-employed, Mobile, AL
Provide my patients with info about cancer, tanning and sunscreen.
- Heidi Graf, Owner/Nurse Practitioner, Weightloss-to-Wellness, Oak Harbor, WA
Our clients' No. 1 concern is aging and they want anti-aging treatments and products. We have numerous current and past sun worshipers. Educating about how the skin and its renewal abilities does work on some people, but not most. Most clients think pigmentation and deep lines and wrinkles are the skin's normal aging process. Clients are shocked when we tell them that more than 80% is due to sun exposure. Pictures are worth a thousand words when showing the damage UV rays have on the skin. I was a sun worshiper into my early 30s and my skin looks better now in my 40s because I have taken steps to reverse the damage the sun has caused. I started with microdermabrasion treatments and continue a maintenance program. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must even when it is overcast. We also strongly suggest a wide-brimmed hat if exposed for more than 15 minutes. This is the recommendation we give most of our clients. People still love to have a nice golden tan so we offer sunless tanning for the body and recommend bronzer for the face. We give our clients the tools and education to reverse the damage they have done and prevent any further damage that the sun can do. But we also want them aware that in moderation and with the right protection the sun does provide an important dose of vitamin D, which promotes a positive and healthy outlook on life.
- Christal Wentzel, Owner, Shape Smart Wellness Spa, Wyomissing, PA
Give samples of sunblock. Show their skin under the Wood's lamp. Show photos of sun damage. Explain what the sun and tanning do to skin on cellular level and show a picture of the cell.
- Saundra Grillo, CEO, Skin Rejuvenation Center and Spa, Danvers, MA
I speak to every client I come across about the importance of using sunscreen. Before becoming an esthetician, I spent 18 years living in Hawaii, and had several pre-cancerous areas on my face. Thankfully, I became an esthetician at 31 years of age, and was able to rescue my skin before it was too late. I love educating everyone around me, and at 52, I receive a lot of compliments on my skin around the community. The first thing I do is to educate them on sunscreen, and the dangers of tanning. It is so important to be a good example and share such important information.
- Hazel Burton Bowling, Esthetician, Beauty Redefined Medical Aesthetic Clinic, Los Gatos, CA
I ask each client that comes in about their SPF and bring them knowledge by letting them know more than just the basics of SPF. So many of my clients are worried about aging, so I take time to address exactly what the sun and its rays do to their skin. I educate them that one of the best anti-aging things they can do is use SPF daily. A lot of my clients are now understanding that its not just to wear at the beaches here in California, but it's for every day. I even push them to wear it on their hands to protect them when they drive. As for now, I educate my clients, but I would love to get more actively involved in my community and take a stand against skin cancer!
- Nichole Medrano, Esthetician, Avital Beauty Lounge, Antioch, CA
I have worked with parent groups at school to make shaded areas for the children mandatory. Raising awareness to the dangers that our children were exposed to without adequate protection from the sun. It is now policy for all existing and new schools to have shaded areas in our city.
- Sandra Evans, Esthetician, JW Marriott Spa at Camelback Inn, Scottsdale, AZ
For 29 years, I have been the owner of a natural food store and do holistic skin care in my center. I am always aware of the effects of sun on my clients skin, the dehydration that occurs from living a life in the sun, a lack of electrolytes, their extreme damage from smoking and their lack of the right nutrients. Having a store and seeing more than 50 people a day gives me an advantage in being able to talk , touch and counsel a variety of adults and young teens. In the store, I offer fresh vegetable and fruit drinks giving me an opportunity to explain the benefits of eating well and also introducing them to the world of natural skin care by applying of many of these foods. We have local papayas, citrus, berries and flowers that enable me to teach them about the positive effects on the body and skin. It gives me great pleasure when I open the gateway to educating them about the positive effects of EPA , essential fatty acids, DHA, vitamins A and C in their diets and how it has been show to make a difference in skin health. Testing, tasting and using green teas and more than 300 herbs as an educating aid is useful. Also teaching them on how to read labels for tanners and SPFs and reminding them about the benefits of applications. Also how to treat the skin with aloe and other topical treatments that are available to them even after the damage has happened. Using tea-based products improves the skin's health and appearance. We take a whole health approach to skin care, helping them to have healthy and vibrant skin for a lifetime. Thank you for this opportunity Yours truly Rev. Marney Brown Womack PHD RCR,Teacher and Educator, Facial Specialist, Aesthetics, Iridology, Reflexology, Nutriton Consultant, Food Manager, Energy Medicine, Light and Sound Therapist ,Reiki Master, Ordained Interfaith Minister, Board of Directors of Rural Health Center. PS sorry about spelling
- Rev. Marney Brown Womack, President, Atlantis Holistic Health Center at Good Food Conspiracy Natural Food Store, Big Pine Key, FL
Lead by example. As a skin care professional, you have to show that you really believe what you are selling and telling others. I may make more profit offering tanning beds, but at what cost to the client? I only offer all natural cosmeceutical spray-on tanning solution, share the importance of sun protection and apply sunscreen to every client after skin care service. You can never start too young.
- Angela Jones, Owner/Esthetician, Angela's Skin Care, Cleburne, TX
We have started monthly health fairs to educate the community on the importance of proper skin care. We inform our clients about avoiding tanning and to use appropriate sunscreens. We also talk about the plus of using mineral makeup, and we incorporate other beauty and health professionals in the area.
- Raequel Crawford, Lead Medical Esthetician, Beaux Arts Institute of Plastic Surgery, Baltimore, MD
The importance of sunscreen protection cannot be underestimated. I'm never without multiple samples of sunscreen wherever I go, whether I'm at an all-day event or on a quick trip to the grocery store. As summer approaches, it's easy to spot someone who's turning red and kindly give them a sample of sunscreen. I've never had anyone not take a sample from me and at times, have gained a new client. I pass samples out wherever I go, and people are very thankful to slather it on, moving forward and on their way with a renewed feeling of confidence and protection.
- Voula Beishline, Owner, Bellus Spa, Folsom, CA
As co-owner of Pure Skin, a retail boutique for skin care and cosmetics, I will always stop anyone that I see, young or old, in my shop or about town when I notice beautiful, untanned skin. I congratulate them on their using protection for their skin and if they are young, let them know that they are very wise in their decision and that SPF is necessary every single day wherever they are or whatever they are doing. It's a personal approach, and it comes very naturally. I don't think a day goes by when I don't talk to someone out in public about SPF and how it protects the largest organ of the body.
- Yvonne Gailey, Owner, Pure Skin, Chico, CA
I try to let the local kids and adults know by making a newsletter to distribute to schools warning of the dangers of skin cancer and its effects on people's lives. We distribute little orange ribbons with a sun button on them. In spa the spa, we show videos of people who have been sun worshipers and how it has aged them and or caused serious problems. Tanning booth owners need to make their clients aware also ... even if it impacts their business. We also have business cards for local dermatologists who we refer people to with questionable skin rashes or conditions. We promote yearly dermatologist checkups also. Practice safe sun.
- Madonna Bailey, Owner, Lady Madonna Spa, 48127, MI
I volunteer at our organizations free skin checks held out in the community,and speak by invitation at esthetic schools and spas.
- Kathleen Rooney, Cosmetic Nurse Specialist, PAMF Santa Cruz Dermatology, Soquel, CA
I get samples of sunscreen from my providers in the summer and give those to my clients to try as an experiment. They come back to buy them.
- Beatrice Beckers, Owner/Manager, Indigo Studio Day Spa, Delray Beach, FL
Mostly, I take care in providing all the education and facts with regard to sun damage, its effects on the skin and the growing number of skin cancer cases.
- Loretta Lopez, Esthetician, Olaj Spa & More, San Jose, CA
I live in the Florida Keys, a tropical area where it is mostly sunny all year long. This certainly raises the need for education on the dangers of cumulative sun exposure. Thankfully, many of my clients have given up baking in the sun and using tanning beds, so I focus on education that sheds light on the amount of sun they are exposed to each and every day. I teach my clients to wear hats and apply SPF daily. For those who work in office settings or travel for work, I educate them on sun exposure via UV lighting and car windows. The biggest message is that sun protection is not just for when you are going to the beach, boating or playing outdoors. Sun protection is daily protection.
- Kirstin Eldredge, Owner/Esthetician, Kiki's Spa, Tavernier, FL