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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from March 2011.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What methods are you using to market to consumers in your spa's target demographic who aren't currently spa clients?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!Facebook and other networking avenues, such as Twitter have been a great source of free advertising for my spa. I also sponsor many events in my target demographics by donating gift certificates/coupons or gift baskets to potential new clients. For those who have never received spa services, a beginners package is a great addition to my spa menu to attract new clients who may be rather hesitant on trying a specific spa service. Another avenue is client referrals. Word-of-mouth is always the best way to market my spa.
- Jennifer Kurz, Owner/Esthetician, Advanced Skin Spa, Youngstown, OH
We are about to start using and It is a great way to get the word out.
- Elizabeth Otis, Esthetician, Massage Luxe/Face Luxe, Norfolk, VA
I try to go to local events where I can be see and talk to new people ... this is hard in a small town cause there are not a lot of events and posting on Facebook daily in hopes it reaches new people from our friends that share my page. I also to to encourage my clients to invite friends by doing specials just for being a friend.
- Rhonda Bareford, Owner, V.I.P Day Spa, Aylett, VA
E-mail blasts one or twice a month.
- Roxanne Khairzada-wakman, Spa Director, Mokara Salon and Spa, Irving, TX
Since I opened in July 2010, I have been advertising on local Internet media through sites like, town hog and These seem to work really well for me. I have sold around 200 spa services at discounted prices. Once they redeem their vouchers, we offer them spa packages to retain them as clients. We always get their e-mail and home address to send them specials for the month.
- Christine Daniels, Owner, Face, Skin and Body, Pittsburgh, PA
Facebook and other networking avenues, such as Twitter have been a great source of free advertising for my spa. I also sponsor many events in my target demographics by donating gift certificates/coupons or gift baskets to potential new clients. For those who have never received spa services, a beginners package is a great addition to my spa menu to attract new clients who may be rather hesitant on trying a specific spa service. Another avenue is client referrals. Word-of-mouth is always the best way to market my spa.
- Jennifer Kurz, Owner/Esthetician, Advanced Skin Spa, Youngstown, OH
I set up a business page online with Yelp reviews--clients can review me and potential clients contact my business based on my current clients' reviews. Continual word-of-mouth referrals from my existing clients. Client education of ingredients and skin care facts. Empowering clients with knowledge has consistently fed the word-of-mouth referral process. I am 85% booked every week with new clients calling. Reasonable price point per service with discount for re-booking at every appointment. Maintaining a specialty service with networking to other businesses that already service my target group for this specialty service. Finding my niche in a down market has increased my traffic and re-booking percentage.
- Steffanie Hahn, Owner/Esthetician, Essential Spa Services, Vista, CA
I use Google, Facebook, a bit of Twitter and word-of-mouth. I do volunteer wellness events, fliers, everything I can think of, but I am in a remote area and do not have a lot of opportunities for visual advertising. I did try our local Penny Saver, but we had no response and it cost too much.
- Jennifer Morsch, Owner/Esthetician, Mind~Body~Soul Day Spa, Avon, NY
I partner with a lot of different business that share a similar interest in the field of skin care or makeup, and even women-only groups and gyms. This outsourcing seems to work very well in obtaining new clients and marketing as well. Also, doing gift certificates and frequent buyers programs generate clients. Last but not least I have sign people on major intersections that promote the spa and current specials. I hope this as been helpful to fellow spa owners like myself.
- Letoya Williams, Owner/Makeup Artist, Trubeautyskincare Anti-Aging Spa , Sunny Isles, FL
I live in a small town, so marketing for clients can be a challenge. What we have used with success is partnering with our local downtown association, and attending and manning an information booth at their monthly mixers. We have also reached out via Facebook by setting up a page for the spa.
- Denise Gaston, Esthetician/Owner, Garden of Eden Skincare/Denise Gaston Advanced Esthetics, San Leandro, CA
Facebook, mailer coupons, local newspaper/online paper, local online magazine, e-mail, website specials and charitable gift certificates.
- Lisa Holtham, Owner, Skin Benefit & Nail Solution, New Braunfels, TX
We host informational/educational classes; connect with other business owners by cross marketing/networking; attend, vend and speak at various community events and trade shows; host our own events; attend business owner-type gatherings; engage in print articles; ads; e-mails; social media; client referrals; direct mailings; website; newsletter; and media talk shows. We have every staff member contact and handout a certain number of marketing materials every day-every week-per person; comb the Internet for ways and places to advertise, get listed with various organizations and referral sources, make face to face contact with our business neighbors, and leave info in their businesses, make phone calls and more. We like to treat people as though we already know them, as if they are friends, connecting with their spirit, which leads to knowing their needs. They, in turn, feel comfortable with us already; they know that we care and there is trust.
- Lisa Weeks, Owner, Love Thyself Day Spa, Richardson, TX
We have hit the social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Merchant Circle, Twitter and MSN Spaces. We have started a blog and continue to market using exciting information regarding news from Voila! Mobile Spa or tips and tricks. We hold contests and coupons specifically for these sites. It has increased our sales substantially.
- Corine Miles , Owner, Voila'! Mobile Spa, Loveland, CO
I use postcards from VistaPrint. They are inexpensive, you can buy in bulk and they look fabulous. I also have my gals go personally to different businesses and pass out our postcard so there is a face to a name. Lastly, word-of-mouth and trade shows.
- Rebekah McCabe, Owner, Essentials Skin & Wellness Center, Moses Lake, WA
I belong to a couple of networking groups such as BNI (Business Networking International) and my local chamber office. I recently sent out press releases regarding a certification that I received in oncology esthetics--this has also opened me up top cancer care units, support groups, mastectomy shops and women's wellness groups.
- Cindi Wanta, Owner, Oasis Day Spa, Mosinee , WI
Events ... education to client is key for a successful spa business. Hold events based on a topic; vitamin C; aromatherapy; express services providing abbreviated treatments; product knowledge; light fare with your spa staff present. Spa business is built on relationships.
- Mina Dalimonte, Owner, Down to Earth Skincare, South Huntington, NY
A friend of mine helped me design certificates that are sold for $10 each; she goes into all the businesses within 10 miles of my business and sells them. The purchaser then calls and makes an appointment. The certificate allows them to receive a European Facial, mask and eyebrow wax for just $10. We split the money and, more often than not, the client brings a full-paying friend and then both book a return visit. Out of 200 cards that were sold in the last 90 days, I have had 30 bookings so far! These are people who would have probably not come in as they work full time and have very little time to look for a good spa deal in their area.
- Debbie Jeffs, Owner, Cosmetinks Professional Skin Care, Washington , MI
We offer a 30-minute "Get to know our products" lunch; a 30-minute "How-to Guide"; as well as education sessions and after work cocktail sessions. Give us a half an hour, get a half an hour treatment packages.
- Christine Fields, Vice President, Nutricosmetics/Ultimate Spa, Janesville, WI
I currently market to a variety of women's groups and health fairs. Also, I have marketed to bridal fairs and nail salons.
- Belinda Mori, FNP-BC, Aesthetic Boutique Medspa, Albuquerque, NM
Events, open houses and intros in local business.
- Marina Temkin, Medical Esthetician, Associated Skin Care, Kennebunkport, ME
I believe in and practice community involvement. We sponsor charitable events, volunteer, have church affiliations and participate in wellness events. We believe strongly that you advertise when the market is down, which lays a strong foundation for the following months to keep you busy. The chamber of commerce and various netwoking groups promote word-of-mouth credibility. Sometimes our ads promote bringing a friend to the spa who we have not met, and we reward the client or we have a buy one service and receive the other 1/2 off discount. Radio has been our best form of advertising aside from word-of-mouth.
- Charlotte Hurd, Owner, Renaissance Day Spa Inc., Cranberry Township, PA
Radio, networking events and direct mail. Also, an article in a direct mail magazine about myself and my business that goes out in our areas.
- Sherry Wieszchowski, Owner/Licensed Esthetician, Sherry Wieszchowski, Johnstown, NY
I rent a room in a tanning/beauty salon with a massage person and gel nail tech. When I don't have clients, I hand out little fliers about my current specials on my website. If I have time before a tanning bed is ready, I talk about my specials or what the client uses on her skin. Any conversations to get a new client. People know when you enjoy what you do and have something to make them feel better about themselves. I change the reader board regularly with new specials and post little signs in the beauty salon area of each beautician and each tanning room. Anything to promote myself and what I do. Because I offer organic remedies and products, it promotes my business. Got to have the passion for what you do and it shows!
- Karla DeLisle, Owner, Tranquil Facials, Wahsougal, WA
There are local publications in my area that businesses can advertise in for a once-every-three-month service fee. Local zip code mailouts are also a way that we have marketed our specials. Groupon, Facebook, and other social network and online advertising is essential to reaching a new client base. The pyramid theory also works with giving every new customer a free coupon of service to a friend, so in no time with every new client, you're getting someone they think would be a good client to try your services. Car fliers, grocery store receipt adds and partnering with another local businesses to buy a number of services from you and give them out as rewards for their new clients have also been ways of advancing public knowledge of our services. Don't forget word-of-mouth is always the best form of advertising, so offer clients rewards for referrals as well.
- Mary Toukan, Lead Esthetician, Merle Norman Day Spa, Magnolia, TX
A Groupon coupon to drive new clients to the business.
- Robin Townsend, Owner/Medical Esthetician, Faces By Robin, Maineville, OH
Crowd Saving and Groupon.
- Sandi Bault-Vurek, Owner/Estetician, Castro Day Spa, San Francisco, CA
I use a lot of free advertising. Word-of-mouth is a great tool also.
- Melissa Kingsbury, Owner, Spokane Spray Tan, Tum Tum, WA
One example is mother/daughter facials for the local all-girls school. They have their prom, homecoming and all graduation ceremonies, so we offer a package for a facial and also for a makeup application.
- Christine Bey, Esthetician, Spa, Buffalo, NY
We are sending out e-mails containing informational material pertaining to specific products and services targeted to specific individuals who are hair clients but not skin care, cosmetic or mani/pedi clients. Rather than discounting, the informational material is proving to gain more confidence with people through education. Also, events for specific groups are appreciated, but when we address issues of interest, even though it is an event, we analyze or consult privately. If multiple purchases are made during events, we either give gifts with purchases or a multipurchase discount.
- Julia Meese, Owner, Temptations Unlimited, Rices Landing, PA
I rely on my clients to market my business. It is up to me to give my clients the best treatments with fabulous results. If I do this, I am sure my clients will tell others about how happy they are with my services.
- Cheryl Goodheim, Owner/Esthetician, The Works, Carlsbad, CA
I am doing more in-salon marketing with mirror talkers at the stylist's stations promoting anti-aging services. This lets clients know what other services are available and how they can benefit.
- Sandra Norfleet, Owner/Operator, The Facial Room, Eau Claire, WI
I have started using e-mail services such as Living Social and Groupon. They have been very effective, and I have had great results.
- Diana Wilson, Owner/Skin Therapist, Desert Sun Skin Care, Tempe, AZ
Expos, bridal shows, chamber of commerce events--the list goes on and on! What we have found out is that it is totally worth our time, especially at our second location. We often have people tell us they had no idea we were in town! We have made cards that we give out that are specific for events that let clients come in and experience parts of the spa for free. It works! Once we get them in, we see clients often booking with the therapist that did their complimentary service. We also did Groupon; it gave us the hit that we needed. Ummelina put a lot of time into preparing all staff, so it went smoothly and we saw an increase in gift certificates purchased and re-booking.
- Meghann Lawrence, COO, Ummelina, Seattle, WA
Monthly newsletter and giveaways for signing up.
- Jennifer Plaza, Office Manager, AJM Laser & Aesthetics, Gilroy, CA
I love Constant Contact for e-blast updates, specials and "rewards for referrals" from existing clients (I send them out once a month). I also host Glaminars and Red Carpet Events with other business owners, and advertise in the paper, on Craigslist, and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, boasting about free facials, makeup lessons, spray tanning, hair styling and a final photo, raffles and encouraging discounted services. This is also a great way to gather names. I always ask existing clients if they know anyone who may want to experience some pampering, and I reward the referral source and offer discounts to the new client.
- Kelly Robertson, CEO, Celebrity Lipstick, Canyon Lake, CA
We advertise monthly specials for new clients in a magazine called "Great Deals." We also host an evening event each month featuring products and mini services for clients to try. We advertise these events through a postcard to existing clients, e-mail blast and signage in front of our spa. We also utilize our website and put postings on Facebook. As always, word of mouth is our biggest form of advertising ... make people happy and they are going to recommend you to friends.
- Angel Graddy, LPN/Spa Director, Lookworthy Face & Body Retreat, Anderson, IN
A few local college girls are doing some marketing for me to fulfill their marketing assignments. We are doing an event to educate the community about organic products.
- Taunja Beck, Owner/Esthetician, Moonstone Day Spa, Lancaster, PA
Facebook and e-mail newsletter.
- Nicole Mulder, President/CEO, Epitome Skincare, Eden Prairie, MN
Well, first of all I'm using word-of-mouth referrals from my current clientele. I use a referral program: For every new client they refer to me, they receive a $20 credit to their account that can be used on services and retail, and I get the new client. Also, with the new client, they get 15% off to prebook their next appointment and they also get referral cards. It works pretty well. After three consecutive visits, they get a hug upon exit. They are now a loyal client.
- Gregory Coltren, Head Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Day Spa, Apex, NC
We use Facebook, the local shopping paper, word of mouth, a referral system, Internet marketing resources and coupon evolution.
- Stephanie Biggs, Owner/Esthetician, Kosmetikos Spa and Wellness Center, Standish, ME
Facebook, Twitter, Google adwords, referral program and other social media.
- Collene Fulton, Owner, ArvadaSkinSalon, Arvada, CO
Facebook and Twitter!
- Sandra Martinez, Owner, Momentum, Monterey Park, CA
My vision for treatments is to provide an upscale and elegant service with an exceptional spa experience to each client, including good work, good prices and good products. Today, more is less, and if they leave happy, they come back. My goal is happy clients who are eager to tell their friends about me and send referrals.
- Cati Negraru, Esthetician, Aspen Day Spa Salon, Henderson, NV
Offering a free micodermabrasion with the purchase of any facial, 10% off every referral and asking every client to put me on there Facebook and Twitter account. Staying positive and giving my clients more than they ask for is kind of like going to a restaurant and gettinga free dessert on the house.
- Kim Imfeld, Owner, Skin Solution, Menlo Park, CA
Recently we hired a marketing firm to assist in our expansion. We targeted a particular income level, and did a mailing of more than 20,000 post cards. These people were directed to our website to sign up to win a $250 spa package, and we captured their emails this way. Now they are part of our monthly newsletters. They are kept informed about every monthly special. We are also working with local finer dining establishments: We are inserting our rack card into the bill book that they bring to the table, so when a patron opens this to pay their bill, they see our spa. Being involved in the community is so huge, it's all about creating relationships, and we are doing just that. And loving every minute of it!
- Susan Black, Owner, Ethereal Village Salon & Spa, Nashville, IN
I send invitations via Facebook to my friends and their friends whenever I have a new product, telling them to call for a seat on spa sample night. It's so successful. I now have two spa nights! Everyone from our area calls because the event is listed in the latest events list, I get triple advertising and a lot of new clients.
- Mary ann Hanrahan, Owner/Artistic Director, Hanrahan Health and Beauty Studios, Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia