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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from December 2010.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What equipment- or technology-based treatment is the most popular in your spa?

This month's Vocal Point Survey winner!The diamond tip or flower grain microdermabrasion. Customers love the results from this advanced exfoliation. They have noticed considerable improvement in their imperfections ... fine lines, pore size, wrinkles, sun damage and acne scarring. The scents in the grain provide the customer with relaxation and healing properties. When added to a facial, this upgrade results in a luxurious treatment that leaves customers with skin that looks amazing.
- Janet Michna, Esthetician, Mario Tricoci, Wheeling, IL
Laser hair removal
- Lisa Holtham, Owner, Skin Benefit, New Braunfels , TX
My hand-held galvanic/infrared/microcurrent device. I do one side of a clients face so they can see the improvement. They look in the mirror and are astonished to see such dramatic results. Then I complete the other half of their face. I now have a regular client again and again.
- Cathy Jacobs, Owner, Simply Divine Hair Nail & Skin Care Studio, Lodi, CA
Radiancy's MicroPhototherapy FSD machine has been the treatment of choice for my clients for the past year and a half. The results are incredible. I am now incorporating Intraceuticals oxygen infusion equipment along with the MicroPhototherapy for the ultimate rejuvenation treatment.
- Shelley Hancock, Owner/Esthetician, Real World Esthetics, Foster City, CA
Ummelina strongly believes in lymphatic drainage and taking the waters. Our tub, Oceana, has more than 72 underwater jets, a lymphatic drainage system, and handheld underwater jet. We infuse the waters with mineral rich seaweed, herbs, salts and for some services a tea specifically made for severe skin concerns. Oceana is used for lymphatic breakouts on the face, neck, shoulders, décolleté and other. We use Oceana for cellulite treatments, acute injuries and for overall general well-being. We have also seen dramatic results for extreme eczema and psoriasis. The products we use are blended in-house and are natural, therapeutic grade and organic. It is a service that we have purposely kept at a moderate price so our clients can enjoy and benefit from the healing waters on a regular basis. The service times are 30 to 45 minutes, so they can be enjoyed before another service, during a lunch break or before the long drive home. All of our staff can also enjoy Oceana complimentary to ensure their health and well-being!
- Meghann Lawrence, Chief of Operations, ummelina International Seattle and Yakima Valley, Seattle, WA
- Susan Thompson, Owner/Esthetician, Peels To The People, Portland, OR
- Kathy Waskow, Owner, Electrolysis and Skin Care Salon by Kathy, Middlesex, VT
I personally couldn't live without my ultrasonic spatula; it is so multifunctional!
- Marci Delaney, Owner/licensed esthetician, m.d. Skin llc, West Columbia, SC
Ultrasound and microcurrent combined are great in rejuvenation and lifting treatments.
- Maria Sutherland, Owner/Esthetician, Munecas Spa, Roseville, CA
High frequency during our facials
- Cindi Wanta, Owner, Oasis Day & Wellness Spa, Mosinee, WI
- Melissa Tucker, Marketing, Obagi Skin Health Institute, Beverly Hills, CA
Considering the disappearance of leaves from the trees and the arrival of white frozen snowflakes, I would have to say our microdermabrasion machine. Our clients' skin during the winter months typically has more dead cell buildup and dry skin, leading to a dull and rough-looking complexion. We recommend a package of four microdermabrasion sessions, with four weeks in between. This way, our clients' skin is smooth and glowing just in time for all those holiday pictures!
- Kristin Tortoriello, Medical Esthetician, Aesthetica Chicago, Dyer, IN
By far my most sought-after treatment is laser hair removal lip and chin for women. My business is located within a wellness center that offers an array of services. Other laser services that are a second runner up is skin tightening. People are always looking at any technology to remove wrinkles.
- Ellen Delaney, Owner/Esthetician, A New Spirit Aesthetics, Oswego, NY
Absolutely microdermabrasion and oxygen vitamin infusion combined!
- Ellen Bernstein, Owner, Skin Care by Ellen, Oak Park, CA
To me, it is not what is the most popular, it is what is the most important. Your hands! The ability to perform hands-on facials, skin treatments and massages treats more than the skin. When you spend time and perform skin treatments and massages, you also heal the person's spirt. Human touch is very underrated, but so very important. I feel if you are more mindful on your hands-on skills for delivering treatments, your clients will get more from your treatment.
- Linda Roherty, Lymphedema Therapist/Physical Therapist, Klose Training/True Skin Care Center, South Elgin, IL
Microdermabrasion, because there are so many benefits from the procedure. Your pores are less visible, fine lines will diminish, sun damage is less visible and skin is more even and smooth.
- Carmen Nolfe, Esthetician, The Complete Skin Care Center of Daphne, Daphne, AL
I'd have to flip a coin on this. I have two great results-driven treatments. One is Ionithermie Cellulite Detox and the other is Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Facial. My clients who wish to lose inches and firm and tone their skin become believers after one Ionithermie treatment. When they come back for a series, they are surprised that their "after" measurements are now their new "before." It is nice to see them excited. With my Intraceuticals facials, you can watch the lines diminish, their eyes become plumper and their lips become fuller. Watching the expression on their face as they see the "new them" is wonderful.
- Maura Keller, Owner/Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Serenity at Cherokee Rose, Fayetteville, GA
In my spa, I would say its any treatments having to do with anti-aging.Either it's a chemical peel or now I am offering microdermabrasion. People are now looking at skin care as a necessity, not a luxury. Clients are into skin health and how to maintain a youthful, if not younger, appearance.
- Adrienne Foster, Owner/Skin Care Therapist, La Face Skin Spa, Louisville , KY
Sciton Laser. The most popular treatment is the Micro Laser Peel. The great thing about it is you can adjust how many microns of skin you want to work on. You can do a six micron to get a nice exfoliation (similar to six microdermabrasions). You can be aggressive and do a 40, which will be great for lines or even acne scarring.
- Kathe Malinowski, Lead Esthetician, Eterna MedSpa and Laser Vein Center, Shorewood , IL
Laser-based services and injections. We are very busy injecting Botox and fillers. In addition, we are one of the few centers that offer private area laser hair removal for men and women.
- Elizabeth Manessis, Medical Laser Technician, Medical Laser Aesthetics, Whitestone, NY
Microdermabrasion with product penetration treatment via the wand.
- Jaime Perry, Owner, Spa Luminous Glow , Algonquin, IL
NuFace microcurrent device
- Angela Bain, Owner, Lifespa Wellness Center, LLC, Green Bay, WI
The diamond tip or flower grain microdermabrasion. Customers love the results from this advanced exfoliation. They have noticed considerable improvement in their imperfections ... fine lines, pore size, wrinkles, sun damage and acne scarring. The scents in the grain provide the customer with relaxation and healing properties. When added to a facial, this upgrade results in a luxurious treatment that leaves customers with skin that looks amazing.
- Janet Michna, Esthetician, Mario Tricoci, Wheeling, IL
Visia facial imaging and diagnotics
- Chris Fields, Vice President, NutriCosmetics, Janesville, WI
My favorite piece of equipment is very simple: the mag light! Without this light, I would NEVER see the skin good enough to properly analyze it, perform extractions, recognize any abnormalities, or tell my client how good their skin looks after a treatment and then to give them recommendations for products to purchase to keep their skin looking great.
- Karen Buchholz, Manager, Design Masters Salon & Day Spa, Spencer, IA
- Nina Butler, Owner, Pure Essence Skin Care, Mesa, AZ
Microdermabrasion machine
- Laura Comito, Esthetician, RJ West, Smithtown, NY
- Angela Blakemore, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Charles Grayson Salon and Spa, Charlotte, NC
Our microdermabrasion machine has been one of our most popular pieces of equipment. Our spa is located in the Florida Keys where our clients experience a lot of sun exposure year round. Exfoliation has truly been a key to luminous, rejuvenated skin for our clients. Microdermabrasion has allowed us to enhance facial treatments by addressing dull skin, pigmentation and fine lines. Our clients love the noninvasive nature of the treatments and keep coming back for more!
- Kirstin Eldredge, Owner/Esthetician, Kiki's Spa, Tavernier, FL
I use a lot of technology, but find myself using direct and indirect high frequency the most to handle those mechanically induced zits and irritations from cell phones. I call it my light saber and hand my clients the mirror to watch me zap them away. It's fun and they think it's amazing! Yes, I do use the ultrasound the LEDs, but sometimes the old stuff can still impress.
- Deborah Davis, Co-owner, Deborah Davis Day Spa, Elmhurst, IL
- Terri Jalbert, Owner, SkinOvations Skin Care, Glendale, AZ
I'm really not into technology, so my Iskin and Clarisonic are the most tech that I use. My handmade organic facials do the talking for themselves.
- Taunja Beck, Owner/Esthetician, Moonstone Spa, Lancaster, PA
A facial including microcurrents for nonsurgical face lift or microdermabrasion with diamond tip as a mechanical peel.
- Zaida Brett, Owner/MD, Zahira's Skin Care & Spa, Orlando , Fl
Laser hair removal is our most popular treatment. Bikini hair, facial hair and axillae are the most requested.
- Natalie Wright, Medical Esthetician/Office Manager, Bay Area Laser Skin Care Center, Mobile, AL
The Syneron e-Light laser treatment called Refirme. This energy-based treatment stimulates the collagen and works toward the firming and tightening of the skin. Results are noticed with the first treatment. It is common for us to complete one side of the face and neck then we sit the patient up and allow the patient to compare both sides of the face side by side.
- Tracie Evans, RN, Skin-Scriptions llc, Las Cruces, NM
- Violeta Deckler, Esthetician, Violeta's Skin Care, East Norwich, NY
Fraxel and Lumenis Light Sheer
- Belinda Mori, FNP-BC, Eden Medispa, Santa Fe, NM
The red light
- Emer Gomez, Owner, Tricology, Summit, IL
I am an RN, esthetician and laser tech. I have acess to lasers, microdermabrasion, Silk Peel, Velasmooth and IPL. The best technology is a combined technology. I love to put together packages that are tailor made for that client or patient. I combine microdermabrasion with laser regeneration and one or more chemical peels. The one technology that I don't think I could do without is the most simple, and that is a great microdermabrasion machine. They have been around for a long time, but are so effective.
- Gina Viviano, RN, Stephen P Beals Wellness Center, Paradise Valley, AZ
Skin scrubber and four-layer mask
- Maritess Alves, Owner, Beautiful Skin Care & Day Spa, Union City, CA
- Lisa Marquez, Medically Trained Esthetician, Dr. Andrew Coundorioutos, North Ft. Myers, FL
The Hollywood Facial, which is a negative and positive galvanic mask placed on the skin. Ionthopheresis allows for product and moisture be be induced into the dermal layer. The ost is $125 and a series of three is recommended. Clients usually purchase a Buy-3-Get-One-Free Card and make their appointments throughout the year.
- Diane Wilson, Vice President, Facials Unlimited Day Spa & Massage, Altamonte Springs, FL
I have a small business and my best piece of equipment is my beautiful remote-controlled chair/table. It totally sets the tone for any treatment to come.
- Jodie Shannon, Esthetician, Butterfly's, Stockton, CA
Diamond Tome microdermabrasion
- Lisa Perdue, Director, Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, Grand Rapids, MI
The most popular treatment in my day spa is the diamond tip microdermabrasion. My clients and I love this treatment for its resurfacing of the skin. It is quick and effective. It leaves the skin smooth and gives such a youthful appearance. I personally prefer it over crystal microderm since I don't have to worry about stray crystals going in the eyes or mouth. It isn't painful or too aggressive of a treatment. I also add a vitamin C serum or collagen mask afterwards for a wonderful anti-aging effect. Clients love it!
- Sheryl Skemp, Esthetician, Bella Spa, Butler, PA
The most popular treatment I use is my Micro Torch II. This is an amazing resurfacing machine that was developed by a plastic seurgon I used to work with. This is 10 times better than microdermabrasion, This has an oscllator on a handpiece that vibrates in a circular motion, to resurface the skin; you can see the dead skin fall right off. It minimizes fine lines, reduces pigmentation and tightens the skin. Then I follow with a glycolic or salycilic peel. The results: beautiful-looking skin in just one treatment ! 90% of my clientle ask for this treatment. The average cost is $200 per treatment and $250 with a peel.
- Anna DeSantis, Owner, Centre For Skin, Boca Raton, FL
None. Even when offered, clients chose good old fashioned hands-on work.
- Amy Hackett, Owner, Indulgence Delivered Day Spa, Wellsville, NY
- Amber Butz, Owner/Esthetician, Blue Orchid Spa, Owego, NY
The Vichy shower! Everyone loves to come in and take advantage of skin exfoliation during this time of year. The experience is very enjoyable when combined with a Vichy shower/wet table. Otherwise, the client has to get off regular table then walk to a shower to rinse off.
- Denise Taylor, Integrated Healthcare Director, Coastal Integrated Health and Wellness, St. Simons Island, GA
- Jamie Hughes, Owner, Earthen Body Spa, Huntsville, AL
High frequency and galvanic are most popular.
- Lora Smith, Owner/Esthetician, Pure Skin Studio, Bozeman, MT
HydraFacial is the most popular, and we see immediate results. Both the clients and the estheticians love it.
- Collene Fulton, Owner, ArvadaSkinSalon, Arvada, CO
Microdermabrasion diamond tip machine
- Mary Buchanan Grosso, Esthetician, Spa Floridian, Palm Coast, FL
Our Hydrafacial machine is the best!
- Amy Harris, Spa Manager, Richelle's Salon and Day Spa, Holladay, UT
Laser treatments for vascular conditions and brown spots.
- Kathleen Rooney, Esthetician/Registered Nurse, Palo Alto Medical Foundation Santa Cruz, Soquel, CA
The best ultrasound spatula!
- Loreta Simanskiene, Owner, BellaLora Spa, Beverly Hills, CA
The most popular equipment-based treatment is definitely microdermabrasion and LED. Newcomers are always fascinated by what that machine is. When I explain to them all of the benefits that come out of microderm and LED, they always book an appointment for it. We have a lot of repeat clients for this service, which is suprising considering the cost and the economy. Microderm and LED give, I believe, immediate results. With the microderm taking down that layer of skin as well as helping with pigmentation spots, and lines and wrinkles, it works even better when paired with the LED. Since that layer is gone, the LED can penetrate the skin deeper, creating better results byfirming and plumping up the skin which the clients can feel and see right away. You always know how clients are looking for a quick fix and this is definitely it.
- Michelle Bossard, Esthetician, Oceanova Spa, Rehoboth Beach, DE
Infrared sauna
- Tracy Knearem, Owner/Esthetician, Skin Deep Spa, Shelbyville, IL
Palomar System including lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL), hair removal, IPL photofacial.
- Nicole Smith, Skin Care Consultant, LexliSkinCareClinic, Watertown, SD
I have the most success with my high frequency. I have teenaged acne clients who experience great results.
- Jennifer Morsch, Owner/Esthetician, Mind~Body~Soul Day Spa, Avon, NY
Our Diamand Tone Microdermabrasion machine--so much so, we plan to purchase one for each of our four stations.
- Marion Swafford, Owner/Spa Manager, FaceDivas Day Spa, Colorado Springs, CO
- Cheryl Stephens, Esthetician, Merle Norman Cosmetics & Spa Facials, Troy, IL
- Cheryl Stephens, Esthetian, Spa of Tranquility, Troy, IL
Microderm. I offer 1-6 treatment packages and mini treatments. The mini treatments are short and effective. Great for all budgets. Clients love the choices.
- Karla DeLisle, Owner, Tranquil Facials, Vancouver, WA
The oxygen facial is the most popular. People see immediate results that last more than a day.
- Samantha Wright, Esthetician, Ihilani, Waianae, HA
By far the most popular is the Circadia Swich Treatment with follow-up after two weeks for ultrasonic facial and DermaFiling. Amazing results. Clients are unbeleiveably happy ... as am I. The Circadia Swich builds from the inside and the DermaFile increases exfoliation, combined with the penetration of the right nutrients from the use of the ultrasonic. Absolutely beautiful with ongoing excellent results.
- Dee Bowman, Esthetician/Massage Therapist, Studio 210, Brandon, FL
My Dermasweep MD. The ease of brush heads verses crystals, plus infusion, is very effective in reducing signs of aging and promoting the overall health of clients' skin. This system allows more frequent treatments, and therefore, faster results.
- Kathi Slabodnik, Owner, Cayucos Aloha Spa, Cayucos, CA
- Lynne Hermann, Esthetician, Wax N Water, San Francisco, CA
Our most popular is the microdermabrasion with DermaSweep. It gives clients that instant, rejuvenated glow. It's a great treatment to refresh the skin before an event. In a series of these treatments, they get the best results. It diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes hyperpigmentation and helps with acneic skin. Hands down one of the best skin care treatments.
- Jennifer Wells, Esthetician, North44 MedSpa, Lansing, MI
The most advanced equipment we currently have is a 10-in-one facial unit and our autoclave. So, I am very interested to see the results of this poll to know where we should be directing our attention to next.
- Marcie Spires, Owner, Chocolat Day Spa, Manvel, TX
Silkpeel Microdermabrasion treatment is what keeps our estheticians busy. Clients tend to buy a series after having one treatment!
- Barbara Toliver, Owner/Lead Clinician, Radiance Medspa, Alexandria, VA
Microdermabrasion; my clients can't get enough of this results-oriented treatment. They love the immediate and long-term differences they see.
- CJ Jacobson, Owner, Wandering Bear Day Spa, Jasper, GA
Microdermabrasion is the most popular equipment-based treatment at Agua Azul Oasis Day Spa.
- Kim Peoples, Spa Supervisor, Agua Azul Oasis, Chico, CA
My permanent makeup machine.
- Pam Garnett, Owner, Uptown Salon, Mt. Shasta, CA
I am a one-woman skin care and nails owner, esthetician and nail tech. My most poplar treatment for the face is the diamond dermabrasion treatment, and also the G.P. peel. I also use the diaderm treatment on the back of my nail clients's hands. They are fascinated by the results when seeing the white filter that has turned gray!
- Kim Pigue, Owner, Kimmie's Professional Skin Care and Nails, Brownsville, TN
The spa I own is primarily a spiritual/holistic spa. We use the galvanic machine to deeply penetrate serums.
- Milagros "Millie" Reynoso, Owner/Esthetician, Spa Milagros, Lutz, FL
Facials that include ultra sonic are by far the most popular.
- Sally Lassiter, Owner, Three Clouds on 3rd, Cottage Grove, OR
Combinations of both modern and traditional treatments are the most popular in my spa. My spa’s motto is to heal the mind, body and spirit. In other words, we want our clients to leave feeling less stressed and more focused, seeing a visible difference in their skin, and feeling better about themselves. Our most popular treatment is our Microdermabrasion Facial. We tailor each treatment with products to suit each client’s skin type. Once we’ve chosen the proper products, we start with a gentle cleaning with cloths, then deeper cleansing with a rotating brush. Next we perform a massage on the face, neck, shoulders, decollete and as far down the arms we can reach while sitting. Then we perform a crystal-free, diamond tip microdermabrasion on the face and neck. This is followed by a facial and neck mask, with oxygen infused and aromatherapy steam blowing on their skin. As the mask is working in, we massage the rest of the arms and the hands. Next, high frequency is applied to ensure no bacteria is left on the skin and to stimulate skin cell reproduction/mitosis. Then we use oxygen infusion again by blowing through a plastic, bubble mask onto their skin with the same aromatherapy used in the steam. Last, but not least, we apply a vitamin C serum followed with a moisturizer containing SPF. The client feedback is great! Not only do they tell us how much better they feel and look right after their treatment; we get calls and emails regarding how as the days progress after their treatment, their skin continues to look and feel even better than it did just after their treatment. My philosophy is that even though new, modern treatments are effective, it doesn’t mean the traditional treatments are no longer effective; so you shouldn’t just drop a treatment that you really see results with just because something more modern has surfaced. Bringing the modern and traditional together has given us amazing results. We try to incorporate this with all of our treatments.
- Traci Malone, Owner/Esthetician, Healing Touch Spa, Davenport, IA
Hydradermie machine. It does facial lifts and minimizes wrinkles.
- Stephanie Biggs, Owner/Esthetician, Kosmetikos Spa and Wellness Center, Standish , ME
Well, I get a lot of great results from using your basic high frequency and galvanic. It really improves the skin overall; the clarity, the brightness and the cleanliness. Very good for any congestion or other types of harmful free radicals or bacteria that would cause breakouts.
- Gregory Coltren, Esthetician, Syeni Salon & Spa, Apex, NC
Smartlipo and the Revlite laser have been the most popular in our spa. They give great results and patient's satisfaction.
- Dennise Alegre, Office Manager, NuSilk Medical Spa, San Jose, CA
- Christy Carson, Owner, Facial Expressions, Citrus Heights, CA
A resurfacing treatment first with a microdermabrasion for cell renewal and then I like to do a series of microcurrent facials to help stimulate the muscles and nerves for an anti-aging pick-me-up!
- Kayleen Seliga, Esthetician/Nail Tech, James Maurice Spa, Hazleton, PA
By far microdermabrasion; second, high frequency
- Angela Quadagno, Owner, Essencia Salon, North Palm Beach, FL
Diamond point microdermabrasion
- Lauren Sales, Owner, Lauren's Face the Day, Coral Gables, FL