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Vocal Point Survey

The results are in! Here's what you had to say about our question from July 2010.

The Vocal Point responses have not been edited, and are posted as they were originally submitted. The opinions expressed in these responses are not necessarily those of or Skin Inc. magazine.

What tips do you have for increasing retail sales within your spa?

First remember you are the professional. Always be yourself and do not be afraid to tell them what they need.You must tell them the importance of a quality skin care regimen.That it is vital to maintaining and enhancing they're treatments. I feel this is as much a part of my job as using a cleanser or washing my hands. It must be done! Show them you do care for their skin health. They will appreciate you and be very loyal when they see the results.
- Angela Doss, Esthetician, Rare Accents Day Spa, Palm Harbor, FL
Samples, samples, samples. I give each and every client one-to-two samples before they leave my room, making a note on their consultation card which samples I have given. This is not an expense to me and yields excellent results in retail sales. Another way I increase sales is by explaining the benefits of products as I apply them. This seems to enlighten the clients' knowledge of the product; consequently, they purchase.
- Lori Pacheco, Owner, Skin Care by Lori Pacheco, Turlock, CA
Product knowledge, product knowledge and more product knowledge. We tell our clients that facials are necessary and wonderful, however, the home products do the real work. They realize we're right when they see their skin looking amazing!
- Jane Aransky, Owner, La Residencia Spa, Newton, MA
10 Basic tips that will really work on increasing retail sales. 1. Great customer service A. Smile B. Introduce your self C. Be professional, make sure you are presentable and ready for work 2. Listen to your customers needs 3. Supply your customers with the products they need (that lets them know that you are listening to them) 4. Make sure you have the stock in to sell them 5. Apply the product to their skin and have them feel it 6. Give them the products and they are coming to see you for and then suggestive sell. 7. Have them fill out a card with their contact information 8. Book for a following up appointment in 2-3 weeks 9. Follow-up in 3 days with a phone call to make sure what you gave them is working. 10. Send them a thank-you card.
- Charlene Keefe, Owner, Skin By Char, Huntington Beach, CA
I have always found, the best way to increase your retail sales is to know your products well. You cannot sell something, if you cannot explain why a particular product.
- Marie Stringini, Owner, The Face Place, Schaumberg, IL
The most important thing for retail sales is to have the product in stock. If you don't have it, most clients won't wait for you to order it or will forget about it. Good inventory management, timely ordering and listening when clients express interest in products will help with this. I also think giving samples of products lead to sales.
- Vida Lietuvninkas, Esthetician/owner, Remedy Skincare, Boise, ID
Confidence, confidence, confidence. If you are confident in what you sell and have to offer, it comes across to your clients and potential clients. If they believe in you ,they will want to purchase what works for them and will provide the most benefits to them. Sharing your knowledge is key, too. It is simple, easy and the best no-cost advertising you can do.
- Brenda Griffin, Owner/operator, Faces Plus, Tucson, AZ