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Making Your Spa Man-Friendly

Lydia Sarfati July 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine
Making Your Spa Man-Friendly

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It may seem hard to believe, but 47% percent of spa-goers are male, according to the International Spa Association (ISPA). Men are no longer secretly sneaking their partners’ skin care creams and masks—they are embracing skin “man-tinence” and are openly taking care of their appearances. It is a new dawn for the skin care industry and an exciting expanding market for spas.

Be prepared

Is your spa ready to welcome this influx of men? It is important to make sure that skin care facilities take measures that allow men to feel comfortable—not out of place.

Guys Night at the Spa. One way to make them feel welcome is by hosting a male-themed Guys Night at the Spa. Find out when the next big sporting event is being broadcasted, and invite clients who are sports fans to join together at the spa for the game. Normally, healthy, clean foods in the spa are suggested, but for game night, consider switching it up—serve bite-sized munchies, such as pigs-in-a-blanket, Swedish meatballs and pretzels. When it comes to drinks, stock up on cold beer and scotch. This is probably not going to be your cucumber sandwich and champagne crowd!

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Daily Regimen for Male Clients

Design a quick and easy skin care regimen for male clients to follow. Be sure to have your retail area stocked and ready for men who want to get the products they need on this list. Providing a way to eliminate another stop on a man’s shopping list is always a plus!

  1. A soap-free, purifying, deep pore cleanser, before and after shaving. This type of cleanser is perfect for anyone with facial hair. Creamy or granular cleansers can get caught in the hair follicle, but a foaming cleanser rinses away clean.
  2. A moisturizing spray-on toner. Cotton balls are a luxury that most men probably can’t get behind. Keep it simple. 
  3. An at-home mask. A deep-pore cleansing and purifying mask should be used 2–3 times a week for maintenance in between spa visits.
  4. A daily moisturizer. Men need a day protection cream that has SPF. Recommend a cream with a pump instead of a jar; it will be easier to use and they won’t need to be reminded to keep their fingers out of the jar.

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