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Web Exclusive: Interview About the State of the Spa Industry With Maritza Rodriguez

Posted: February 28, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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We have talked about that and how important education is, both digital and online. And I think on the retail, consumers are looking around more than ever. I think there is a resurgence to effective but safe. I think that the mindset of “It doesn’t matter what it does as long as I look good” is weaning out. The consumer has now come full circle and said OK, I can do these aggressive, invasive procedures, but I can also do noninvasive nonaggressive, and the treatments and the products are natural, but effective and safe, and I’m actually doing something great for my skin. So, it’s that whole shifting of the mindset, and that’s both on professional and retail side, which will carry over to spa treatments. But I also think that clients walk into a spa looking for more advanced types of treatments, and they want the experiences to be more unique. You can do that in so many different ways—by enhancing it with equipment, enhancing it based on personal selections, there are a lot things. Very unique menu offerings allow spas to really distinguish themselves. You need a unique menu, and a unique way of delivering the services. Is it going to give them a wow factor? If you can get there with the products that you are using, then guess what, your guest satisfaction rate just went up. Consumers want the wow, and they are willing to do noninvasive and safe, but they still want the wow.