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ISPA Releases Trend Report for 2008

Posted: January 11, 2008

From hemlines to hair colors, ISPA loves to watch trends come and go. As the spa industry has become engrained into everyday culture, many spa trends have actually extended their stay and moved into full-blown tradition. As the voice of the spa industry, the International SPA Association has been forecasting spa industry movements since the early 1990s and welcomes 2008 with this Spa Industry Trend Watch. 

“Savvy spa-goers are shaping the trends. Spa professionals want to create the best experience possible, so it’s a ‘buyers’ market’ for consumers who express their wants and needs,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “The spa lifestyle is in fashion, though it’s also timeless.  As a leading leisure industry, spas have the staying power similar to that of cruise lines, skiing and golf.”

Compiled through comprehensive research, as well as daily communication with a vast network of more than 3,000 members in 75 countries, ISPA releases the following Spa Industry Trend Watch:

• Plenty of Cooks in the Kitchen–You’d be hard-pressed to find a better combination than spa treatments and delicious, healthy food. Spas are responding to reports from the restaurant industry that the gastro-travel phenomenon has taken off with more families organizing vacations around food. In fact, 19% of U.S. spas offer cooking experiences with these running the gamut from week-long schools with celebrity chefs to private lessons with tips on taking the healthy cooking experience home.

• Spa Lifestyles Equal Healthy Lifestyles–Eating nutritious food, exercising and relieving stress are critical in leading a healthy lifestyle, and spas are championing this effort by teaching these basic principles. In fact, 51% of U.S. spas offer educational programs and nutritional consultations, 40% offer healthy eating classes, 26% have educational offerings on obesity or weight gain issues and 17% offer exercise programs for children and teens.