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New Site Provides Evidence to Support the Effectiveness of Spa Treatments

Posted: May 19, 2011

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Cohen says: "Absence of evidence doesn't mean something doesn't work; it just means the research hasn't been done yet and this gives us a clear idea of where more work is needed."

The industry can now promote existing research that shows how much evidence is already in existence, as well as adding to this body of knowledge and identifying areas where further research is needed.

Friedland says, "All doctors are trained in evidence-based medicine, so if the spa industry can learn that language, it can become a universal bridge between the two worlds."

Pelletier says, "People have predispositions to disease, but it can be lifestyle that turns them on and off. The evidence underpinning spa therapies is far stronger than you think. Medicine doesn't have the tools to deliver wellness, but spas have that potential. Our time as an industry has come."