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SpaFinder Announces Spa Trend Predictions for 2008

Posted: December 5, 2007

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Luxury Detox and Luxury Bootcamps – Detox programs and weight loss bootcamps have long been associated with deprivation, suffering – even penitence. But many spas are beginning to treat them less as “punishments” and more as celebrations. After all, if you can get the same results with high thread count sheets, spa treatments and a sense of community, why not live a little while you’re trying to improve your life?

Spa Real Estate Mania – Since 2004, the number of residence communities with a spa/healthy living component has grown from a handful to more than 250. And the company predicts that number will surpass 300 well before the end of 2008, as health-focused baby boomers look to downsize and younger families are drawn by the prospect of healthy activities for the kids. The global real estate market downturn, ironically, may also be a factor, as developers look to differentiate their offerings and target more affluent buyers.

Taking Sleep Seriously … Especially if you Want to Lose Weight – With recent studies highlighting the importance of sleep for everything from improved productivity at work to cardiovascular health, SpaFinder forecasts that sleep will be taken even more seriously in the year ahead. Tipping the scales (so to speak) will be new research revealing that healthy sleep is necessary for weight loss.

Look for more hotel spas to bring in sleep directors, more destination spas to offer sleep programs (including medically guided sleep analysis), and more day spas to offer “snoozing zones” and creative massage scheduling that allows therapists to say, “stay on the table for as long as you like.”

Fertility Tranquility – Spas are beginning to offer treatments and diet regimes designed to boost fertility. Examples include the Program for Infertility at The Raj Ayurvedic Spa in Iowa, the Ritual de Fertilidad at the Tides Riviera Maya (where an ancient fertility ritual is simulated in their special “Maya House of Fertility” treatment room), the Lunaception Treatment at the Qua Spa at Caesar’s Palace, and Fertility Reflexology and Fertility Yoga at The Spa at Little Dix Bay. Fertility-oriented acupuncture is becoming especially popular as a natural alternative for couples worried about the health effects of fertility hormones.