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Arthur Swift, MD, CM, FRCS: Ahead of the Curve

By: Abby Penning
Posted: June 24, 2010, from the July 2010 issue of
Dr. Arthur Swift

Swift’s work with Victoria Park Medispa has involved clinical research for innovative skin care offerings.

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The effort was worth it as Swift’s reputation began to grow and he gained more and more patients. He opened The Westmount Institute for Plastic Surgery in 1993, and as his practice grew, he only increased his dedication to patients and the results they wanted to see. That kind of commitment meant a constant eye on innovation, and Swift’s foresight found him incorporating things such as skin care and injectables into his practice in the late ’80s and early ’90s, respectively. “We were pulling this tired, drained skin, and I commented to my colleagues that we were doing everything for the quantity of skin, but nothing for the quality,” Swift says. This realization led him to start working with skin care ingredients and products, eventually creating a line called Swift Solution Medical Skin Care, and from there he began incorporating more minimally invasive and noninvasive beauty procedures into his practice.

“We were offering laser hair removal, laser procedures, chemical peels, Thermage treatments, IPL treatments and procedures that would tighten and tone the skin, and it was growing so much that it was beginning to put a strain on my front office staff,” Swift states. From this, Victoria Park Medispa was born, with the facility moving to a separate location and three young entrepreneurs taking over the business portion in 2008, with Swift staying on as medical director. “It has just kept growing,” he says. “Now it’s one of the leading medical spas in Canada. It includes a gym and a health club, and it’s really taken on the energy of a wellness center.”

In the case of injectables, the practice itself has also expanded and now includes a nonsurgical facial rejuvenation center. Swift sees this as vital to future growth in the industry. “The future of the industry is the natural progression of what is occurring presently—a continued shift from invasive procedures to minimally invasive to noninvasive. I expect continued heavy emphasis on prevention and anti-aging,” he says.


Swift hasn’t just focused on growing the injectable and skin care aspects of his practice, though. He’s also invested time and effort in maintaining his surgical edge, as well as in keeping the business side of his practice up to his high standards. “The most challenging business aspect of the practice is actually managing the business aspect,” he says. “It was obviously a lot easier when I had one secretary and a purely surgical practice. I am now constantly searching for the right practice manager to whom I can comfortably relinquish the daily management responsibilities.” To seek out quality staff members, Swift uses his medical expertise, as well as his experience with patients, to evaluate qualified candidates.

He also works hard to maintain and promote high standards within the cosmetic surgery community. Swift lectures around the world, sits on a variety of advisory boards, conducts clinical research, and consistently works to sustain his craft. In that vein, one of his proudest contributions has been his BeautiPHIcation concept.