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Unlock the Power and Potential of Your Team

By: Lee Froschheiser
Posted: June 27, 2008

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You know it’s important to monitor your body’s health with regular checkups that measure and evaluate your vital signs. For example, if you discover that your weight or blood pressure is too high, you change your diet and exercise. Correcting this often has a domino effect, improving your other vital signs as well.

When it comes to a business’ health, an effective leader should also focus on vital signs, or the organization’s vital factors. These are the crucial components that must be measured and accomplished for an efficient system. As the boss or manager, it’s your job to define both the spa’s and your employees’ vital factors, determine how to impart them, and then teach your team to do these things.

This is most often done by measuring and creating ways to improve your staff and business, as well as using a planning checklist that outlines how to fix each part of your spa’s system. As you repair the system, you’ll start a chain reaction of change—the domino effect—that enables overall business success.

Create passion within your people

This is the final secret to unlocking your team’s power and potential. Any leader can do this by motivating and inspiring employees, but a truly effective leader goes one step further and implements accountability. As previously mentioned, accountability is empowerment, and empowerment breeds passion. This boils down to measuring employee performance and taking appropriate, timely action.

Many employers fail to implement accountability out of fear or because they view taking action as a negative. They believe this means pulling the employee aside to discuss how he or she is not improving, despite training and numerous opportunities to excel. But accountability can also be—and should be—a positive experience. For example, when someone is doing a specific task correctly, you can give positive performance feedback, yet still hold this person accountable.