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Resilience--Bend and Bounce So You Won't Break

By: Marti MacGibbon
Posted: February 28, 2012, from the March 2012 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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You will need a daily plan of action. Action creates motivation, and motivation creates more action. Always be proactive in the face of adversity, failure, loss, illness or injury. Advance in the face of difficulties or challenges, one day at a time. Set measurable, doable goals, and be consistent with your action plan.

4. Practice being optimistic

Always look forward to a bright future. Visualization is a powerful tool used by athletes, performers and people from all walks of life. At least once a day, take time to visualize yourself where you want to be, and celebrate it as though you are already there. Permit yourself to feel all the peace, exultation and joy that comes as you picture yourself in this specific happy situation, having reached your goal. It’s good to visualize the same thing each day; repetition programs your unconscious mind.

Write affirmations or use mantras. When you choose a mantra, be sure it’s positive. Practice mindfulness meditation, and develop skills to counteract negative feelings and mindset. Always remember that if you feel good, things will go better—and feeling good is a choice. You can change negative thought habits; this has been scientifically proven with behavioral therapies. Use positive self-talk. Direct your inner dialogue, allowing moment-by-moment opportunities to encourage yourself as a friend, mentor, coach and advocate.

Remember, it’s your life story. Resilient people view difficulty as an opportunity to adapt, create, innovate and advance in one or many areas of their lives. Does art imitate life, or is it the other way around? That’s up to you.

Marti MacGibbon is a certified mental health professional, humorist, inspirational motivational speaker, veteran stand-up comic, author and member of the National Speakers Association. MacGibbon can be reached at 310-210-4674.