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Lotus Wei Launches "Flower Power" iPhone/iPad App

Posted: April 1, 2013

The transformative mobile tool allows the user to choose among different colors, flowers and gemstones. The app is the brainchild of Lotus Wei founder and flower alchemist, Katie Hess, a leading authority on plant-based energy healing. Featuring personalized flower readings, the app also allows users to track their moods and progress as well as download inspirational messages to motivate and inspire.

Renowned innovation expert John Kao predicts that spas will develop more powerful, longer-term spa-client connections that will be enabled by a host of new technologies, including an explosion of health gadgets 2.0 like mobile tracking apps. “Lotus Wei’s app takes our ‘choose your flower’ concept to the next level,” says Hess. The mobile tool works equally well for individuals and spas wanting to take advantage of trend towards customizable wellness and spa programming.”

The Lotus Wei app contains 3 major sections

Flower reading. Flower Reading first quizzes users on their favorite colors, flowers, and gemstones, then offers a personalized flower reading based on your preferences. “You are always attracted to what you need most,” says Hess. The app also recommends which Lotus Wei flower essence blend is most appropriate for your emotional and physical state.

Flower alchemy. This section is for people who are using Lotus Wei’s products and want to track their results. The Transformation Gallery allows you to store before-and-after photographs. “We find that most people who first start to take flower essences see a remarkable change in their faces within 30 days,” says Hess. You will also notice that you get important insights--you can jot those down in the Insights section. Flower Power allows the user to track moods. At end of the month, you get a line graph showing your results.”

Special message. The Special Message Section features over 100 inspirational messages such as “you’re among friends,” “drop the tension,” and “recognize the strength in being gentle.”