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Part 1: Technology in Your Spa—A Survival Guide for Today's Social World

By: Stephanie Jennings
Posted: February 28, 2013, from the March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
technology in the professional skin care facility

The social revolution has changed the way consumers make purchasing decisions. Long before they step through your doors, they’re researching your skin care facility online, looking for a glimpse of what they can expect: What are your services? Do you have any deals? What’s the experience going to be like? Is anyone recommending you? Can they book appointments online?

Here’s the thing: They aren’t looking at just one site for this information. They’re looking in a variety of places. Will they find you there? Are you online in all the right places?

To pinpoint where best to position your facility online, consider how your future clients might search for your services. They’ll likely use their computers and mobile devices to track daily deals related to beauty and massage, check out online reviews of spas and search for spa services. Following are a few tips about how best to ensure your spa is where your future clients are searching.

Daily deals

Deal sites such as Groupon and Living Social send daily deals straight to consumers’ phones, as well as their in-boxes. Groupon Now! adds mobile to the mix by geotargeting your deal to a consumer’s location.

If you are considering working with a daily deal site, make sure to:

  1. Be prepared to handle large volume by carefully considering the parameters of the deal (time of day/week, duration, etc.) and choose a time when business is typically slow;
  2. Consider your current, loyal clients—don’t make them feel less important than those redeeming the deals; and
  3. Have a way to capture couponers info and a retention plan you can implement immediately after they visit your location.