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Target Marketing by Generation

Maritza Rodriguez and Dawn MacLellan March 2013 issue of Skin Inc. magazine

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Recognizing the motivations, values and decision-making processes of each generation is key to marketing and successful promotions in your skin care facility. This will allow you to capture a wider client base. Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Yand Millennials are specific target markets that should be addressed. It is important that the needs and interests of each generation are met and expanded on. If you do this, your facility will be busy for years to come. See The Generations to learn the generation breakdown.

The Builders. This generation is typically very conservative and looking for absolute results, along with value and benefits. The spa experience is typically that of a necessity versus a luxury for this group. Sounds must be soothing and scents need to be minimal, and treatments must have a focus on health, wellness and anti-aging. Marketing to this group must be direct and focus on end results.

Baby boomers. Baby boomers are looking for the full spa experience. The spa is considered an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This generation enjoys the peace and tranquility of relaxation lounges, soothing treatment rooms and calming essential oils. Some added touches for this group include soothing sounds, heated tables, hand/foot massages, warm stones and warm towels. Treatments for this group should focus on anti-aging and rituals. Marketing efforts should focus on the total experience and results.

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The Generations

Builders—60s and 70s

Baby boomers—50+

Generation X—30-somethings (born 1965–1980)

Generation Y—20-somethings (born 1982–1995)

Millennials—Teens and preteens

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