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Boost Business With Blogs and Podcasts

By Peter Koeppel

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Just when you think you have it all figured out in terms of marketing your business, some new technologies have come along to revolutionize your spa’s ability to promote itself to prospects and existing clients. And although most people have heard of these technologies by now—namely blogs and podcasts—few are taking full advantage of what these marketing mediums can offer.
      Remarkably, as few as two years ago, blogs and podcasts were viewed as nothing more than places for opinionated people to rant and rave, or assert their viewpoints. But today, things have changed, and blogs and podcasts are the most explosive marketing vehicles to emerge since the Internet itself. Consider the facts: BusinessWeek magazine reports that more than 40,000 new blogs are popping up every day. And, in 2006, the number of podcast feeds exceeded the number of radio stations worldwide, according to The World Factbook, published by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
      This means that you have several powerful marketing opportunities that require little to no out-of-pocket expenses. Use the following suggestions to make the most of your blogging and podcasting efforts.

      The word “blog” is short for “Web log.” They are easy to use and simple to set up, and are a great format for promoting businesses. Think of a blog as a mini Web site on which you post comments regularly. They are a powerful medium for delivering information because, when they’re done correctly, the message comes across as informational and less biased. Consider the following key points.

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