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Designed for Success, Part II

By: Annet King
Posted: June 23, 2008, from the June 2006 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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• Plan your system to ensure that therapists can access professional products and equipment effortlessly and soundlessly.

• Be willing to invest in a great electrical bed that can be adjusted easily.

• Build in a therapist control panel, so that they can adjust air, warmth and music at the press of a button to ensure supreme client satisfaction.

Considering that the average massage therapist burns out and quits the industry within five years, it is paramount to understand that how they move and stand can save their body and help prevent this. It is beneficial for them to give up the stool and get on their feet. Traditionally, skin therapists sit during most of a treatment. However, this is counterproductive.

First, from a body mechanics perspective, standing for long periods of time is easier than sitting, which actually is harder on the back. It also affords the therapist far more mobility, as long as they are wearing shoes with good support. And secondly, from an energy standpoint, consider that most therapists are women, and a woman’s energy center, or hara, is located just below the navel. This is where their power lies, energetically speaking.