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Welcome to the Future: Spicing Up Your Space With the Hybrid Concept

By: Heather Hickman
Posted: July 31, 2014, from the August 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
Welcome to the Future: Spicing Up Your Space With the Hybrid Concept

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But here’s the thing: Selling retail products is good for the bottom line, because the profit margin on a tube of moisturizer is much higher than the margin on a professional service. So, welcome to the future.

Open your doors

What makes selling start to feel more natural to the reluctant therapist—and ultimately to become fun—is the interaction with clients on the basis of education and sharing knowledge. Break the ice by opening the doors once a month, revealing what goes on in the treatment room. Demonstrate to clients how a chemical peel is done, how a client’s skin is evaluated and how the gleaming equipment is utilized.

From there, use the space as a gathering place for mingling, bonding and sharing ideas. Invite local experts in areas that interest clients—specialists in aging, sleep, stress, nutrition—any aspect of wellness, beauty and personal development. Invite clients on the mailing list via e-mail or text or whatever their preferred mode of contact, and offer samples, snacks and raffles for big-ticket prizes, such as treatments and product baskets selected personally for them, based upon their current skin analysis.

Learn to see your space with new eyes. The bad news is that high-end treatments aren’t being booked like they used to be. OK, so it’s time to move on. Offer clients, including the casual walk-in, the opportunity to play, touch, sample and learn. Create a nonthreatening skin bar setting where they can check out products and be engaged by informed team members. A skilled team easily transitions from an open-ended chat about skin to performing a quick but informative skin analysis. This can smoothly progress into a brief, targeted 20-minute express treatment when the client mentions that blemish forming on her chin or the bags developing under her eyes. This treatment, in turn, leads to a recommended sale, which feels organic, natural, easy, fun—and will bring the client back for more.

Transform your space in 10

Following are 10 tips to take your skin care business from a house divided—namely, treatment beds in back, cash register in front—to an immersive, integrated hybrid environment that will enhance the authority and expertise of the skin care professional and boost your bottom line.