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Survive and Thrive

By Laura Root and James Mason
Posted: September 25, 2009, from the October 2009 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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It may also be time for both you and your spa’s team members to get additional training in customer service and client management. When it comes to customer service, it is not enough just to hire nice people with licenses. It is about knowing the needs, wants and desires of the client, responding to these correctly, and fixing problems when and if they come up—and they inevitably will. Customer service knowledge is not basic, it is not internal and it does not usually come naturally. If you are neglecting this aspect of your business, you may end up being surprised by your lack of business.

Use educational sales to retain your clients by building your business with e-newsletters on skin care technology and your services, all while building your clients’ confidence in your professionalism. This does not mean you are pushy—sensitivity to client needs for quiet are important too—but being well-spoken about your products and services is essential to success in this environment.

Differentiate more

Just as it is important to train, educate, support and manage, it is also important to point out to your clients how you differ from the competition. You need to help clients understand why they should choose your business over the place down the road.

Focus on the positives, whether it is the fact that you have a more Zen-like approach to professional services or offer a particular service that sets you apart. Many people do not like negative marketing, so a definite positive approach is necessary to encourage potential clients to check out your spa. Your specific uniqueness—while important to the ongoing success of your business—does not matter in this regard. What does matter is that you are different, and that gives you a platform from which to speak.

Additionally, don’t bury your lead. Simply put, this means finding the one thing you are the best at and extending it out into your circle of influence. It means dealing from your strongest position. So if you are the best at facials, focus on facials. If your eye treatment works wonders, revel in it.