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More With Marti Dunne

By: Cathy Christensen
Posted: June 27, 2008, from the July 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.

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There is deep gratitude for the life I have been graced to make for myself here in Maui. I love the place I work. My private Kahana Rose offers me endless opportunities in speaking, writing, teaching, pro bono work and training others. I am still best friends with my former husband who manages my discalculia challenges for me. Despite a small studio apartment where I live, I swim in our warm lagoon pool and the Pacific Ocean is my living room. I have a sweet boyfriend of 3-1/2 years who has lived on Maui for 30 years and continues to explain, explore the wonders of Hawaii with me. My dear,great pen pal through the fax machine happens to be my tennis-playing 86-year-old suave white-fox father and his herd of four adopted cats living in my Las Vegas childhood home. I try to do some yoga every day; it symbiotically keeps the body young by being flexible. I continue my Tahoe habit of hiking up to the great views of west Maui's little hills. I read and meditate on the shore across the street from my little grass shack. My closest student friend from Carson Beauty Academy also trained esthetician/LMT ended up living across the street from me! Ona Childs prefers working in the hotels, so we share experiences and travel to skin education classes whenever we can. I am still very skilled and interested in advanced AHA, lactic, glycolic, salicylic peels for the skin before more invasive procedures as they have worked so well for me and also Ona. In the beginning of this bio, I mentioned my profound first sensouous experience as a teenager in Japan. I now spend every hectic holiday-ridden December relaxing in Asia. Most recently, Thailand, where I get wonderful, inexpensive treatments almost every day and study all I can about their ancient spa treatments.

In my late 50s, I resonate that painful change can be a catlayst for some of the most wonderful opportunities in your life. I have deep grattitude for all those who have been patient and supported me along my journey.