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SWIC Plans Russian Spa Regulations Overhaul

Posted: March 25, 2013
SWIC Plans Russian Spa Regulations Overhaul

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Cosmetology also became part of official medicine in 2007, allowing beauty therapists to only carry out very basic treatments, such as cosmetic massage and masks.

Non-profit organization SWIC plans to rectify this by creating favorable conditions for the emerging spa and wellness market in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and it has initiated the first Federal Standard (GOST) on non-medical spa services.

A group of SWIC experts, including balneologists, leading physicians and spa experts worked on the "Federal Standard for Spa Services," comprising terms and definitions of non-medical spa treatments and basic requirements to spa treatments and spa facilities.

Elena Bogacheva, president of SWIC said, "The first edition aroused a strong opposition by medical professionals insisting that the term 'therapy' cannot be applied to non-medical treatments, for example, aromatherapy, light therapy, etc."

However, the standards were passed by a commission of experts and are now waiting to be adopted by the Federal Agency with aims to have the new standards in operation by the end of 2013.