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A Global Perspective

By: Abby Penning
Posted: October 17, 2008, from the November 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine.
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Going strong: Europe and North America. Spa industry leaders, such as Europe and North America, shouldn’t feel pushed out, however, as the world’s growing markets continue to vie for segments of the business. They are still key to keeping spas in the public focus, and each are helping to bring the knowledge of spa services to people worldwide.

“Europe is still going strong—there is no slowdown there,” says Ariss. She notes high-end spas are particularly popular in European countries, because their luxurious, elite options abound, and the development of their natural market is also making them leaders in the green trend.

Additionally, Ariss sees the United Kingdom in particular as being at the forefront of the European spa market. “You know how the French are famous for fashion? Well, the United Kingdom is leading spas and beauty products in Europe.” She also notes Switzerland’s thriving medical spa scene continues to draw clients from each corner of the world.

It is really the normality of the spa lifestyle that is of important note throughout Europe. Because it is such a typical thing to do—a normal part of a healthy, well-balanced life—this has helped the European market thrive, and develop more specialty and niche spas.

Another area of the world also honing in on specialties is North America and the Caribbean. According to Ariss, “North Americans are fine-tuning what they are picking up from the Asian world. They pick apart a treatment and use what is best for them, such as how they would use a particular treatment style or a cream.” Those in the United States in particular are who Ariss sees as putting a point on distinct styles. “Americans are very good with fine-tuning things, and I typically find that Canadians are followers of the Americans,” she says.