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This Week's Top Industry News

PBA and Kline & Company Announce a Collaboration to Broaden Market Research
PBA and Kline collaboration on Kline PRO. The Professional Beauty Association and Kline & Company announce a strategic collaboration to gain broader market research based on groundbreaking data.
Cosmetic Procedures Surge Among Men
Cosmetic procedures surge among men. Men are taking the health of their skin into their own hands, as well as turning to cosmetic procedures to improve their chances of advancing in their own professional fields.
Tailored Treatments for Women With Adult Acne
Targeted treatments for women with adult acne. Tailored treatments help women address adult acne with the added benefit of improving aging skin.

Peeling Away the Mysterious World of Acids; A Survival Guide to Spa Technology

Peel Away the Mysteries of Acids
professional skin care client receives an acid peel By: Rhonda Allison
Acid peeling is more than just a science; it's an art form.
Part 1: Technology in Your Spa—A Survival Guide for Today's Social World
technology in the professional skin care facility By: Stephanie Jennings
The way purchasing decisions are made has changed.

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