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  • Spa and Retail: Bring Professionals and Consumers Together, Glycation and Skin Disorders, Esthetics in the Medical Spa: The Real Answers
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  • Skin-tightening Technology, Cancer and Skin Changes: Acne, Dry vs. Dehydrated—Which Does Your Client Have?
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  • Natural Beauty: Skin Care Ingredients, Is Private Label Right for You?, Sunscreens: What You Need to Know
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  • What's Your Take on Telomere Technology?, Hormonal Acne: Help for All Ages, Sweeten Up Your Spa Menu With Honey
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  • 2014 Spring Color Preview: Challenging Conformity, Waxidents Happen: Fixing Common Waxing Mistakes, Guiding Your Mature Clients' Next Steps: Beyond Topicals

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July 2007 Skin Inc. Cover

Web Exclusive Content

Behavioral Interviewing

Table of Contents:

July 2007

Spa Business Articles

Is Green the New Black?

By Melinda Taschetta-Millane

Good Hands: Stepping Up for Success

By Annet King

Product Liability: Are You Covered?

By Patty Schmucker

International Trends: Spa Growth in Singapore

By Melinda Taschetta-Millane

Rosemary Weiner, owner, The Brass Rose Spa & Salon, Blairstown, New Jersey

By Sara Goodman

Treatments Articles

Cosmetic Counter: Airbrush With Greatness

By Ameann DeJohn

Wax Return

By Elizabeth Myron

The Grape Escape

By Cathy Christensen