Specialized Cancer Services

Each client needs to have a spa treatment personalized based on how they are at the moment; whether the treatment is taking place during cancer therapies or during recovery. Estheticians can add services such as an oncology facial, or any hand or foot massage, Reiki, reflexology and oncology massage after receiving advanced training.

Lymph node removal or radiation require adjustments during massage in both pressure and direction. Certain situations, such as a port in the décolleté, require avoidance of that area. Radiation to the chest or throat requires avoidance of that area both on the back and the front of the body. Positioning, pressure, site restrictions, skin side effects and product selection all have to be taken into consideration when working on a person living with cancer.

No spa equipment should be used on clients during cancer therapies. For the most part, cancer patients have dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin that tears easily and requires soothing, hydrating and moisturizing treatments. Psychologically, clients require touch, listening and acceptance of their condition.