The South African Spa Association

Formed less than two years ago, the South African Spa Association is an initiative geared toward not only merging synergies in the South African spa industry by bringing together the spas and wellness centers scattered throughout the country, but also to build a strong voice for the industry, according to Nadine de Freitas, executive director. The organization also wants to help raise the standards in terms of service provision and delivery, while at the same time injecting a level of professional ethics into the fledgling industry.

According to de Freitas, “The industry has flourished during the years to about 200 large spas, and an additional 300 smaller day spas. Because of this, it has been able to contribute to the South African economy by employing more than 2,500 people and contributing approximately $47 million last year.”

The South African Spa Association, notes Freitas, is the ambassador of the industry in South Africa. It is also mandated to, among other roles, educate the spa visitor about the benefits of a spa experience in South Africa; set the guidelines and standards for the establishment of a spa while at the same time ensuring that spas meet the threshold of quality control; create partnerships within allied associations; provide networking opportunities for members; and issue membership certificates.