How Clients are Cutting Back

Condé Nast’s recently polled its readers to better understand how they are cutting back, if at all, to handle the current economy. Following are the results.

Stopped eating out—29.4%

Stopped buying lattes—11.6%

Cancelled a vacation—10.9%

Moved in with parents—8.1%

Stopped buying clothes—7.3%

Took a menial job—6.2%

Sold eggs or sperm—5.4%

Gave up gym membership—4.7%

Stopped giving to charity—4.1%

Cashed in 401(k)—3.5%

Sold home—1.8%

Let go of housekeeper—1.6%

Let go of nanny—1.6%

Stopped coloring hair—1.1%