General Spa Sanitation Musts

Be responsible.

Providers and clients must wash hands and feet thoroughly
before a service.

Clean with surfactant or enzymatic effectiveness and chlorinate pedicure equipment and facilities as prescribed by state requirements.

Require clients to avoid shaving before treatments because opportunistic bacteria can enter the body where even microscopic
skin breaks occur.

Assure clients that disinfection procedures as prescribed by law are being met and post past inspection results.

Do not allow unlicensed individuals, or anyone who is untrained before receiving a license, to provide services in the spa.

Do not service clients with any signs of infection.

Require clarification as to diagnosis, lab testing and medical prognosis of cellulitis and skin infections.

All implements, equipment, countertops, floors, neck rests and treatments tables must be cleaned, and all reusable implements
must be discarded or disinfected.

—NIC Health and Safety Report by Sue Sansom, September/October 2006 NIC Bulletin