Jean's Fond Memories

I can’t thank you enough for inviting me to attend Skin Inc. magazine’s 20th anniversary party in San Francisco. While I cannot attend, contemplating the invitation brought back some thoughts and some good memories I’d like to share with you.

Allured Publishing entered the professional skin industry in 1988 with no previous connection to the skin care field. We identified a lack of articles on how to run a skin care business and made that our niche. (We noticed the same in the content at skin care shows, so we started Face & Body to fill that need.)

We brought our Cosmetics & Toiletries (C&T) magazine connections to the skin care industry—most notably Peter T. Pugliese, MD, who wrote his first “Physiology of Skin” installment for our premiere issue—Fall 1988, and who has written his most recent “Physiology of the Skin” in this very issue.

My sister and colleague Janet Ludwig and I traveled across the United States together while building the foundation of this magazine, and soon Marian Raney joined us—to Providence, Rhode Island, for a “Salon Profile;” to Dallas for our first skin care show; to Long Beach, California, for our first beauty show (we got lost trying to find the show there); and to many other places together. We laughed well and often as we built our connections to this vibrant, challenging industry. And we mourned when we heard from her husband that Sharon Gossett of Birmingham, Alabama, our “Face to Face” subject in the June 1989 issue, had just died in a car crash.

I remember my fear as I stood in the hotel doorway between my bathroom and bedroom when an earthquake shook Las Vegas during an industry show. Another year I was late to one of the founding meetings for the now defunct EMDA (Esthetics Manufacturers and Distributors Alliance) because I was watching Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls professional basketball team win their game against the Phoenix Suns in the NBA playoffs.

I got to know many wonderful, smart estheticians who welcomed us to the industry and helped us to succeed. These women—and some men—opened their salons to us for “How-tos,” “Salon Profiles” and “Face to Face” interviews, which 20 years later still closes each issue.

The Fall 1988 premiere issue had 64 pages and in 1989 the magazine was published quarterly; the August 2008 has 200 pages and the magazine is published monthly, in addition to its 13th issue, Buyer’s Guide and a slew of other mass media products. There were 14 advertisers in the first issue (90 in this issue) and in tribute to their “staying power,” companies such as Pevonia (then Matis), Guinot, Dermalogica and Eva’s Esthetics (then Images of Success by Eva) continue to do well today.

When I was leaving Skin Inc. magazine and Allured Publishing, I was so pleased to have “my baby” in the extremely capable hands of Marian Raney, who had been working on the magazine for most of its six years. She and Melinda Taschetta-Millane and the rest of the staff took Skin Inc. magazine to a whole new level of success.

Now Marian has moved on within Allured Publishing and Skin Inc. magazine is in the capable hands of Annette Delagrange and Melinda, and many others. While I still recognize the magazine from the baby it once was, I also see that it has grown and evolved just as the industry has. I’m very proud.

Jean Allured