Makeup How-to: Be Brave with 2014 Spring Colors

By Nika Vaughan

Freesia? Hemlock? Absolutely! For a splash of color this spring, skip the neutral tones, and add a sheer wash of something soft and unexpected for a daytime look.

Hair/makeup, Nika VaughanFord Artists Chicago; Photographer, Billy Rood; Model, Khrystyna B.Ford Models

Step 1: The magic word here is “sheer.” Lightly apply a Freesia-esque yellow shade from lashes into the crease, blending toward the inner eye area. Make sure to blend away any hard edges.

Step 2: To give this lemony, soft eye a little more contour, apply a subtle wash of a lighter Hemlock. Start at the outer corner of the eyelid, blend well into the crease and then gently across the lid.

Step 3: To keep this application from looking too dramatic, tone down the eyeliner. Try different shades of brown, such as Sand.

Step 4: If you want a daytime-friendly look with a bit of kick, try lightly dusting the lower eyelid just below the lower lashes with a little of the same yellow and then green shadow. This is when those extra small smudge or eye shadow brushes come in handy. A little of this makes a big impact, and really makes brown eyes look more intense.

Step 5: To finish off the look, try a warmer, more apricot-looking blush (instead of a cooler pink) and sheer gloss.