How-to Makeover: Inspired by Nina Ricci's Fall 2013 Runway

Step 1: Using a synthetic foundation brush, apply a BB cream, which will create a nice matte canvas for the foundation while concealing any redness and adding a touch of hydration.

Step 2: Apply a matte, long-wearing concealer with a small, rounded synthetic brush, under the eyes. Extend it below to conceal any under-eye darkness and outward toward the upper cheekbone, creating a highlighting effect.

Step 3: Apply a matte eyeshadow primer with a small synthetic brush, from lower lid to brow bone.

Step 4: Apply a mineral-based liquid foundation with a slightly dampened flocked sponge (with a mineral mist), blending all phases of previous steps.

Step 5: Use a brow pencil in medium brown to define the shape; then apply a brow shadow with a tapered angle brush to add more fullness.

Step 6: With a large shadow brush, apply a matte flesh-toned shadow over the entire lower lid up to the brow bone.

Step 7: Using a small contour brush, lightly apply a matte brown shadow across the upper crease of the lid, extending outward.

Step 8: For eyeliner, use a tapered angle shader brush with the same matte brown used for contouring the lid, and lightly line the lower and upper lash line, extending it just past the outer corner to create a soft-shadowed cat eye.

Step 9: Contour the cheek area with a large angled brush and bronzing powder.

Step 10: Choose a neutral blush color and apply with a blush brush.

Step 11: Line lips with a neutral lip pencil and fill in with a tapered lip brush. Apply the first layer of matte red lipstick; blot lips with a tissue and follow with a second layer.

Step 12: Using a translucent powder and a medium-sized powder brush, set foundation.

Step 13: Complete the look with a coat of black mascara, using a disposable wand to avoid clumps.

Makeup and photographer, Pauline Farace,; hair and model, Camille Oneto