Maintaining Brow Hair Length

Two methods can be used to correct the problem of unruly eyebrow hair—using products or trimming the hair.

Using products. There are a number of products you can use to hold the brows in place. The oldest method is mustache wax that comes in clear, brown or black. However, it may not be the best choice. Good results also are achieved by using a brow set, sculpting lotion, sculpting gel, hair setting gel or hair spray. Be careful to protect the client’s eyes when using any of these products, as they will cause burning.

Before using this method, fill in any bare spots in the brow with eyebrow pencil, then use a brow brush with a comb to apply the product and work through the brow hair. Brush the product against the growth of the hair first; this puts it under the hair, where it is needed, instead of on top. Then brush the hair back into place for the desired shape. Let dry.

Trimming. The second method for handling excessively long brow hair is to trim it. The best tools to use are the eyebrow brush with a comb, as well as cuticle scissors. Brush the brow forward to determine which hair is too long. Hold hair straight out from the brow with the comb part of the brush, and trim so that it has a layered effect. Trim cautiously, a little at a time. Brush brow into shape to check for hair lengths, and repeat as necessary. Always use a layering technique. If you are not cautious, you can trim the brows so short that they will stick out or have holes. It is better if brows are a bit long, as you always can use a sculpting lotion or gel to hold them in place.