Following are a few guidelines for applying eye makeup.

The hooded lid. Apply one medium shade entirely over the eyelids. Draw attention away from the lids and toward the lashes by wetting shadow with an eye shadow brush in the eye liner method that is detailed in Step 4. Use it as a liner on the outer corners, just above the tops of the lashes.

The puppy eye. When the outer edges of the eye tilt downward, you need to lift them up visually with color. Choose a shadow that is a bit darker than the one you used on the lids, and place it in the creases. Blend well.

Very round eyes. Play up the roundness by using a black, brown or deep purple pencil to line the lower inner rims, close to the lashes. Add mascara, concentrating from the outer corners and working in.

Almond eyes. Exaggerate this exotic shape by applying a rich, dark pencil of your choice to the lash line. It will bring out the striking goddess within.