Choosing the Right Vendor

By partnering with suppliers, professional insight and growth can be gained. It is key to align the establishment’s mission and your spa’s vision. Ask the following questions of a supplier that you are considering for your spa.

• Who owns it?

• Does it have local representation?

• Where is it based?

• Does it have separate distributors?

• What products does it represent?

• To whom does it sell products?

• What is its culture?

• What is its mission?

• What support programs does it offer?

• What training does it offer?

• What are its hours?

• Are minimum orders available?

• Are opening-order packages available?

• What is its return policy?

• What forms of payment does it accept?

• What is the turnaround time when shipping products?

Look for the following attributes in the company.

• Respectability and dependability

• A solid reputation

• Longevity

• A well-established history

• Strong customer service

• Local representation

• The provision of support programs

• Innovative business philosophies