Test Your Facility's Online Presence

Each “Yes” = 1 point

Y/N Do you know what people are saying
about you online?

Y/N Are your tweets inspiring and engaging?

Y/N Have you made the most of your Facebook Timeline?

Y/N Is your YouTube page unique?

Y/N Have you used Pinterest for your skin care facility?

Y/N Can your clients book appointments online?

Y/N Is your website more than an online paperweight?

Y/N Can you access your data when you’re away
from the spa?

Online Pro (6+ points). You’ve got the social touch! You’re as attentive to your online presence as you are to your clients.

Testing the Waters (3–5 points). You’ve dipped your toes into online, but your skin care facility probably isn’t in all the places it could be. Nourish your online presence a bit more to appeal to a wider range of clientele.

Nostalgic (0–2 points). Although your clients appreciate the time-tested one-on-one approach, you could and should be building that relationship and reaching new clients by taking the same approach online. It’s not too late to catch up!