Treatment: “Spice It Up!” Reflexology

Length of treatment: 50 minutes

Cost: $100

Contraindications: Pregnancy, athlete’s foot or other foot fungus, allergies to blended ingredients

Supplies and equipment needed:

Two hot hand towels

Witch hazel spritzer

Hand-blended oil in a jojoba base containing pure essential oils of orange, frankincense, juniper berry and ginger

Hot spiced apple cider

Ginger cookies


Place towels in a hot cabinet.

Prepare oil and witch hazel spritzer.

Step 1: Consult with the client in the treatment room. Determine any allergies or skin concerns, and inquire if any medications are being taken.

Step 2: Wash your hands before beginning.

Step 3: Start by asking the client to lie on their back Make them comfortable by positioning a bolster beneath their knees and neck. Discuss any issues the individual might like to address. Verify that the music selection and the volume level are enjoyable.

Step 4: Use preheated hand towels spritzed with witch hazel to warm and clean the client’s hands and feet.

Step 5: Apply a few drops of the “Spice It Up!” oil blend to your hands. Rub them together, and cradle your hands over the individual’s face. Ask them to take a few deep breaths.

Step 6: Perform basic warming effleurage to prepare the hands for reflexology. Execute standard deep reflexology, with an extra emphasis on shiatsu point large intestine four. Spend a maximum of eight minutes per hand.

Step 7: Begin warming foot effleurage followed by deep reflexology, with an extra emphasis on critical shiatsu foot points. Spend a maximum of 15 minutes per foot.

Step 8: When finished with both feet and hands, dry them with the edge of the draping sheet. Lower the table, and place the client’s slippers on the floor at the side of the massage table. Drape their robe over the same side.

Step 9: Provide an area of relaxation where the individual can enjoy hot spiced apple cider and ginger cookies.