Image Makeovers

A makeover can help to jump-start self-esteem by enhancing the outside. However, nothing can replace the inner work required to determine who you are and to guide you on your unique path. The following makeovers brought to the surface the true personality characteristics of each model.

Makeover NO. 1: Corey F.

Corey’s adjectives:Beautiful, confident, credible, classy, sassy, fun and easy-going.

Three years ago, stay-at-home mom Corey took a break from her career as a newspaper journalist and photographer to start a family. She commented, “Since quitting my job to have children, my personal maintenance went from minimal to zilch.” After deciding to start her own photography business, Corey realized that she would have to address her image in order to be taken seriously.

After her transformation, Corey says, “My makeover makes me feel like a movie star. It seems as though people are noticing me, and I feel more confident. When I walk around the financial district, I can’t believe my reflection. This is me, only better. This must be what movie stars feel like on the red carpet.”

Makeover NO. 2: Tonia W.

Tonia’s adjectives: Attractive, fresh, together, updated, confident, credible, powerful, radiant, original, healthy, progressive and experienced.

Tonia is a very talented esthetician and massage therapist with a youthful look that can be perceived as inexperienced. She has invested a lot of time and money in developing her professional and personal skills, and wanted a look that would reflect her confidence and expertise.

Tonia sums up the results of her makeover this way: “It makes a huge difference in my day. I get compliments everywhere I go. Sometimes you see makeovers and the person is so different that it is not believable or practical. At the end of my makeover, I still felt like me, but more polished. I now appear more credible as an esthetician.”

Makeover NO. 3: Karen K.

Karen’s adjectives: Confident, successful, stylish, contemporary, modern, fun-loving, credible and adventuresome.

Karen’s previous job as a social worker impacted how she dressed for work. She didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable around her by looking too successful or overdressed, so she downplayed her wardrobe and look. However, her adjectives indicate that she was suppressing her true self. She since has changed careers and currently is working for a fashion publication while pursuing other more creative interests.

Karen comments, “Since the makeover, I feel really beautiful and am surprised at how good I can look. Because I’m interested in fashion, my own sense of style and makeup is important, and the makeover gave me the tools to keep developing my own image.”