Five-minute Makeup Routine

Step 1: Foundation should be applied all over the face. Choose from a variety of formulas, such as cream, powder, liquid, mineral or tinted moisturizer, based on the client’s skin type and desired coverage.

Step 2: Apply concealer under the eye area. Opt for light-reflecting, mineral or thicker, more opaque formulations.

Step 3: Lightly powder everywhere, using colorless setting powder, mineral powder or colored translucent powder.

Step 4: Sweep blush onto the apples of the cheeks. Use cream, powder, gel or mineral blush formulas.

Step 5: Line the upper lids with an eye liner. Usually the most flattering colors are mahogany or brown. Choose any combination of eye gels, eye pencils, liquid eye liners or eyeshadows.

Step 6: If the client has sparse eyelashes, apply a gentle mascara formula that is not waterproof.

Step 7: Apply lipstick. Go with those that are sheer or moisturizing, as well as tinted lip balms and glosses. Apply lip liner to any areas that need further definition.