Awakening the Senses

In the spa industry, it’s important to create treatments that stimulate clients’ senses in order to relieve the stress in their lives. Three senses—smell, taste and touch—can be integrated easily into your services.


The sense of smell is related to the limbic system, which influences the brain’s pleasure center, as well as those parts of the brain involved with emotion and motivation. Scents are tied strongly with memory and actually can affect emotional well-being. Almost everyone has had the experience of smelling a freshly baked apple pie, for example, and being reminded instantly of grandma’s kitchen.


In a world in which fast food is the norm, give your clients a relaxed opportunity to savor the flavors of healthy fruity drinks and tasty, nutritious food. Stress strips the body of vitamins B and C, so help your clients to replenish them. Give them complex carbohydrates to induce the release of serotonin, which will, in turn, make them feel tranquil.


The sense of touch is life-giving, and the “laying on of hands”—a religious practice found throughout the world—is associated with healing. Massage is known to release endorphins that calm the peripheral nervous system and alleviate stress. Symptoms of stress include muscle tension and quick, shallow breathing. A body starved for fresh oxygen and touch cannot function well, so help your clients to relax by providing soothing massage, enabling their minds to let go of cares and worries.