Guidelines for Embracing Indigenous Wellness

1. Integrate these modalities and methodologies into your spa by utilizing the natural resources at hand—be they plant, flower, product, mineral, service or treatment.

2. Embrace the cultural rituals and beliefs, and adapt them to your own spa identity and philosophy.

3. Do your research and find out all about these indigenous services and treatments. Weigh up the potential concerns with the great benefits they impart. Talk with people. Learn these skills so that you yourself may pass on the knowledge, or at the very least be well-informed enough that in a supervisory capacity you are able to facilitate adequate and credible training.

4. Affiliate yourself with educational institutions and spa associations, as well as with government bodies, where there may be support for education and training.

5. Be the leader by providing informed validation for these products and services, with evidence of plans for improvement in education and with recognition in centers of learning.

6. Your asset will be in the strength of your knowledge regarding your products and services, and obviously this means for your staff, too. The only way to do this is with constant training on client protocols and treatments, updates on products and thorough training on all product knowledge, particularly the benefits of a treatment, its efficacy and its delivery. Also be knowledgeable on ingredients.

Asian spas weave a tapestry of indigenous services and treatments, rituals and rites into what is best described as “experience.”