Treatment How-to: Gemstone Facial

This skin rejuvenating procedure is based on ancient world traditions and is beneficial for all complexions. Some clients may sense the energy of the gemstones, and some may see different colors or sparks, and feel some movement through their bodies because the face has so many acupuncture points. After the final gentle, slow massage with clear quartz spheres, clients often appear relaxed and re-energized. Their skin glows, and they start to breathe more deeply; they feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Cost: $110

Duration: 70 minutes

Contraindications: During the client consultation, make note of any skin sensitivities or allergies that the client may experience, and decide whether this facial is right for her.

Equipment and supplies needed:

products needed:

step 1: Before beginning the treatment, ask the client to fill out a skin history form and the skin care professional must complete a skin analysis consultation. To prepare for the facial, the skin must first be cleansed, steamed and vacuumed with a skin vacuum to draw out impurities. Perform extractions as needed.

step 2: Detoxify the skin by applying and massaging a honey-based mask mixed with a sapphire elixir onto the skin. Once it becomes sticky, perform a symmetrical massage using two rollers or spheres made of rose quartz, jade or amethyst. Start from both sides of the neck and move up the face. This should take 2–7 minutes, depending on the size of the face and complexion type. Clients with larger faces and more resilient skin require more massage with gemstones; clients with smaller faces and very dry or mature skin require less massage time.

In general, stones that have warmer colors, such as red and pink (ruby, rose quartz) are beneficial for dry, pale complexions, while cooler-colored stones with blue or green hues (jade, amethyst, angel light) are more beneficial for acne- or rosacea-prone complexions. Also, small gemstone rollers are useful around the eye area, while larger ones are better suited for the area around the jawline.

step 3: Exfoliate the skin with a serum containing organic extracts of bilberry, sugar cane, apple, lemon, raspberry or other fruits that are naturally rich in alpha hydroxy acids and antioxidants. The serum does not need to be removed unless the client complains about an unpleasant sensation during this part of the protocol.

step 4: Continue with an application of a nourishing mask containing Baltic amber extract. For centuries Baltic amber was considered to be a vessel of eternal youth. Recognized for its healing properties, Roman ladies of the court used to play with it, holding it in their hands and stroking it to maintain a youthful look. Baltic amber also contains succinic acid, an antioxidant that helps reduce toxins and free radicals. To penetrate the mask you can use LED, ultrasonic or galvanic equipment, but this is optional. If you choose to use it, the mask doesn’t need to stay on longer than 2–3 minutes because this expedites product penetration. However, if no equipment is used, allow the mask to stay on the face for 5–8 minutes.

step 5: Apply herbal compresses steeped in warm herbal tea. For dry complexions, use chamomile, red clover or rose petal tea. For oily or problem complexions, use burdock, dandelion root, yarrow or calendula tea. They should remain on the skin for about 3–5 minutes while performing acupressure face massage through the warm, moist towels and gentle removal of the amber mask. If unfamiliar with the specifics of facial acupressure, gently walk your fingertips back and forth across the client’s face.

step 6: Mist the face with an aromatherapeutic toner.

step 7: Apply a skin-firming serum that contains a vitamin cocktail of sea buckthorn oil, fish collagen and spirulina. Vegans or vegetarians may not want to use fish collagen; however, the ingredient is similar to human collagen.

step 8: Place an amethyst or diamond on the forehead between the eyes. According to Eastern tradition, this area is commonly called the “third eye.” The diamond does not have to be expensive; you can use one that is raw and unpolished.

step 9: Place a blue gem, such as a sapphire or an angel light stone, on the throat area, because blue is the color associated with the throat chakra.

step 10: Apply an emerald-infused eye cream around the eyes and massage the area with circular motions using an emerald or jade wand, or the rod-shaped gemstones that were used to apply acupressure massage around the face.

step 11: Around the lips, apply a serum or balm with an infusion of rubies to stimulate microcirculation and create a warming effect. Remove the diamond and blue gem.

step 12: Slowly massage the entire face with clear quartz spheres for 1–2 minutes. They are energetically similar to diamonds and will help amplify the effects of the facial.

step 13: Apply a moisturizer enriched with diamond or amber elixirs.

step 14: Complete with the application of a sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and is at least SPF 15.