How-to Makeover: Winged Blue Eye Liner

This instructional makeover and “Bright Eyes”, both from Donna Mee, correctional makeup artist, features two different ways to show clients how to apply spring colors and trends.

Step 1: Following skin prep, use a synthetic bristle brush to apply a primer.

Step 2: For a radiant finish, mix one part shimmer luminizer with three to four parts of semi-matte or natural-finish foundation. Use concealer, if needed.

Step 3: Apply a Nectarine shade cream blush with a flat end, fiber optic or synthetic bristle brush using a stipple-type tapping motion.

Step 4: Set the foundation and lessen any T-zone shine with a light layer of loose face powder.

Step 5: Prime the eyelids using a favorite eye primer.

Step 6: Apply a matte eye shadow that matches the skin tone from the lash line to the brow bone.

Step 7: Lightly define the crease of the eye socket with a light brown, matte eye shadow.

Step 8: With a fine-tip eyeliner brush, apply a gel liner in Monaco Blue. Draw a continuous line starting very thin from the inner corner and flaring the line upward at the outer corners.

Step 9: Curl the lashes, and apply black mascara to both top and bottom lashes. For additional drama, add false eyelashes.

Step 10: To finish the look, use neutral lipstick or gloss.