How-to: Fall 2012 Makeup Application


How-to: Fall 2012 Makeup Application

Blue Aura is the name of the gorgeous fall/winter look by Emmy Award-winning makeup artist KJ Bennett for Kryolan. Bennett states that this upcoming season, ombre and tonal makeup are statement-makers and demonstrates this trend by creating a modified smoky eye of unexpected elegance using tones of blue as the new black. The focal point is a modern, color-saturated eye makeup, framed with a flawlessly perfected complexion.

Step 1: Using fingers, a sponge or a makeup brush, apply a primer to ensure a perfect foundation application and extended wearability.

Step 2: Using a foundation brush, apply foundation where needed to cover any discoloration, and make the skin look completely uniform and perfected. Use the soft-focus appearance of a modern satin-matte liquid foundation and choose a shade that matches the skin’s natural tone exactly.

Step 3: Sculpt the face by creating brightness in the center of the face and the tops of the cheekbones using a lighter foundation or a liquid highlight product. Instead of blush, add warmth and definition to cheeks and around the perimeter of the face with a cream bronzer.

Step 4: Set the makeup with ultra-fine translucent finish powder, using a powder brush.

Step 5: With a small angled brush, apply a dynamic cool matte sky blue shadow to the entire eye lid, blended into the crease and continued under the lower eyelash line.

Step 6: On the outer third of the lid and in the eye crease, blend a cool, midnight blue toward the center of the eye until it disappears into the lighter blue eye shadow.

Step 7: For the ombre effect, apply a translucent layer of shimmering jade-green pigment, distributed delicately with a brush over the entire shadowed area and below the eye along the lash line.

Step 8: Achieve definition with a cream eyeliner in ebony black along the upper eyelashes and along the water line of the lower eyelid.

Step 9: Apply mascara liberally to the eyelashes with a disposable mascara wand. Then, if desired, add a set of flirty false lashes to the upper lashes to create more drama.

Step 10: Shape and define lips with a contour pencil slightly deeper than the client’s natural lip color.

Step 11: Finish lips with high-shine gloss tinted a delicate neutral shade to amplify the natural color, using a disposable lip brush.

Cosmetic products and supplies used in this application are from Kryolan.