How-to: Skin-brightening Facial

Cost: $150

Duration: 60 minutes

Contraindications: These include pregnancy or breast feeding; rosacea; allergy to salicylic acid or aspirin; excessive open lesions; thin, highly sensitive skin; taking isotretinoin; herpes simplex (HV1) in its active stage; atopic dermatitis; chronic urticaria (hives); somatic diseases in an acute stage, including SARS; or recently having depilatory waxing or laser hair removal.

Room preparation: The treatment room should be exceptionally clean. Clean, fresh sheets and towels must be used with every client. Disposable gowns, head coverings and chair liners may also be used.

Equipment and supplies needed:

Cotton squares

Glass bowl

Fan brush


Products needed:

Cleanser with natural skin-brightening actives

Brightening glycolic peel

Alcohol-free refining toner

Skin-brightening peptide-based serum

Brightening massage cream

Ulva lactuca seaweed mask

Antioxidant hand cream

Brightening toner

Brightening day cream

Step 1: After completing a thorough skin analysis, lead your client to the treatment room, ask her to remove her robe and lie face up on the treatment bed, giving her privacy for the process.

Step 2: After re-entering the room, cleanse the client’s skin using a cleanser formulated with natural skin-brightening actives to remove dryness and impurities that dull and darken the complexion. Gently remove the cleanser using a cotton pad saturated with water and pat the skin dry.

Step 3: Place a protective barrier over the client’s eyes in preparation for a glycolic peel. This deep, intensive skin treatment focuses on resurfacing and renewing the skin. When looking for a brightening glycolic peel, make sure that it is gentle enough not to irritate your client’s skin, but effective enough to provide the results they are seeking.

Step 4: Pour the glycolic peel into a small glass bowl and use a fan brush to distribute the product onto the face and neck area. Leave this treatment on for 5–7 minutes, depending on the client’s reaction and comfort level. Remove the product and restore the skin’s pH with an alcohol-free refining toner.

Step 5: Apply a skin-brightening peptide-based serum to the skin. Administer a massage with the brightening serum for 3–5 minutes or until it is fully absorbed.

Step 6: Apply a brightening massage cream to the face and neck, and administer a 5-minute massage. The cream should feature a nice slip, but should also bring benefits to the skin. Along with brightening actives, it is ideal to find a cream with skin-firming actives, as well. Your clients will love that you are providing them with multiple benefits.

Step 7: Apply an Ulva lactuca seaweed mask evenly over the face and down the neck, which has skin-brightening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging benefits. As the mask dries, administer a hand massage using an antioxidant hand cream for about 10–15 minutes. This will help keep your clients relaxed, and will also give them a mini anti-aging treatment for their hands.

Step 8: Once the mask has set, gently remove it by lifting it up from the neck and folding it over. Remove residue with a cotton pad saturated with warm water.

Step 9: Spray a brightening toner over the face to restore the skin’s pH, and pat dry using a clean tissue.

Step 10: Apply a brightening day cream to the entire face and neck that contains natural zinc oxide protection. For continued brightening results, use a cream that contains bellis daisy so that the treatment continues after your clients leave the facial room.