New Product Launches From Face & Body Midwest 2012 Exhibitors

B & B--Belleza & Beauty

RadioFrequency features six separate attachments for face and body treatments for quick facial and body lifting. 877-411- 7766

B. Bronz

Clearly Bronz is a professional tanning solution that is completely clear when applied, resulting in faux tan within eight hours, leaving no residue and infused with skin care ingredients to help repair UV-damaged skin.


Face products help stimulate the skin for rapid changes, helping improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, as well as elasticity and collagen production, texture and skin hydration. 800-366-2181

DermaQuest Skin Therapy

K-Q10 Rich Moisturizer helps increase moisture retention, improve the appearance of fine lines and signs of aging, delay the onset of aging, scavenge free radicals and exfoliate the skin. 800-213-8100

Eminence Organic Skin Care

Coconut Firming Body Lotion is an anti-aging body moisturizer that helps rejuvenating aging skin with plant-based hyaluronic acid, natural retinol alternative, green apple stem cells and Biocomplex. 888-747-6342

GlyMed Plus

The Global Skin of Color Manual, developed by company founder Christine Heathman, helps explain the differences in both structure and function of global skin types, and how to successfully treat their conditions. 800-676-9667

Green Envee

The Rejuvenating Body Oil line is free of genetically engineered ingredients and is hypoallergenic, helping soften skin, enhance mood, provide energy and promote cell tissue regeneration. 888-800-5772

Mole Detective

Mole Detective is a smartphone app the uses software to calculate the symptoms of melanoma, helping clients track their moles easily at home, helping drive awareness of melanoma and save lives through early detection. 513-256-0362

Nature Pure Labs

Hippophae Hydration Balm helps provide lasting moisture, nourishment and protection to help revive and renew a beautiful complexion, including emu oil and hippophae berries. 212-699-0933

Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

Restore, a sweet wormwood extract, is designed to help improve and strengthen the body and skin for overall wellness, helping improve aging skin, melasma, hyperpigmentation and age spots. 877-777-2305

Peace Spa Products

Green Tea Moisturizer with SPF 30 features an aloe-based moisturizing formula that helps deliver UV-production with wrinkle-reducing peptides to help reduce fine lines and delay the signs of aging. 800-949-1211

Raw Skin Care

The Facial Aromatherapy Bar offers seven organic carrier oils, including the Signature Blend, Safflower, Sun Flower, Jojoba, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sesame and Avocado, that can be added to most skin care products. 847-823-1727

Rhonda Allison Cosmeceuticals

The 12 Flower Mask includes a blend of flower acids, vital antioxidants and essential nutrients to help moisturize, lighten and fight free-radical damage. 866-313-7546

Sella All Natural Skincare

The Premium Facial Cleansing Brush is a luxurious brush that helps create a rich, cleansing lather while providing gentle exfoliation. 630-406-9281