Treatment How-to: The Garden Harvest Body Treatment

From Apothecary Wellness, Baltimore

The Garden Harvest Body Treatment is a revitalizing body wrap that tightens and nourishes the skin, and features the refreshing scent of the garden.

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes

Cost: $100 or $150

Contraindications: Clients who are pregnant or claustrophobic should avoid this treatment.

Supplies needed:

1 flat sheet

1 plastic-coated blanket

1 large body towel

1 heating blanket

2 rubber bowls

Body brush

Bowl for water

5–6 regular-sized towels

Equipment needed:

Treatment table

Hot towel cabbie

Products needed:

Spinach and horsetail exfoliator

Quince body wrap

Quince body lotion

Body oil (optional)

Room setup:

Place the flat sheet on a treatment table covered with a plastic-coated blanket, and place the large body towel on top of the sheet.

Step 1: Place desired amount of spinach and horsetail exfoliator and quince body wrap in two separate rubber bowls and place in hot towel cabbie.

Step 2: Greet the client and describe the treatment. Discuss the client’s health history and remind her that clients who are pregnant or claustrophobic should avoid this treatment.

Step 3: Guide the client to treatment room and ask her to remove her robe and lie face down on the treatment table, under the top towel. Leave the room momentarily for privacy.

Step 4: Apply the spinach and horsetail exfoliator with a light effleurage scrubbing motion with fingers, starting on the back then continuing down to the legs.

Step 5: Once you have reached the feet with the exfoliator, start on the back again and apply the quince body wrap over the top of the exfoliator using the body brush.

Step 6: Once the exfoliator and body wrap have been applied to the back and the legs, ask the client to turn while holding the towels up for privacy, and repeat Steps 4 and 5 on the front of the body.

Step 7: Once complete, wrap client in the sheets and plastic-coated blanket for approximately 20 minutes while placing a heating blanket on top to keep the client warm.

Step 8: During the time the client is wrapped up, perform a relaxing scalp massage.

Step 9: After unwrapping client, use warm wet towels to remove product completely from the client’s front and back.

Step 10: Complete the treatment with a massage using the quince body moisturizer that may be mixed with body oil for more slip. If the treatment is 60 minutes, there should be about 25–30 minutes of massage; if it is 90 minutes, it should include 60 minutes of massage. The amount of oil depends on how much slip the skin care professional prefers, but the suggested amount is about 10 drops to 1/2 ounce; this should be enough for the whole body of an average size client. Use effleurage strokes to apply moisturizer.

Step 11: Complete the treatment and thank the client. After leaving the treatment room and allowing time for the client to get back in her robe, offer her a glass of flavored water and escort her to the relaxation room.