Treatment How-to: Refresher Facial Treatment

Promote this service to teens, tweens and other consumers who have never had a facial. It will give them a taste of what a full-service facial would be like. The abbreviated treatment time is ideal for younger clients who are not accustomed to taking time out to simply relax, plus it gives them an important introduction to professional skin care.

Length of treatment:

25 minutes

Treatment cost: $50

Frequency of treatment: Professional facials are recommended every month.

Contraindications: Women in their first trimester of pregnancy should consult with their physician before having any spa service; however the Refresher Facial is extremely gentle and recommended for all skin types.

Recommended at-home program to retail with this treatment: At-home retail products should be customized to each client’s needs.

Equipment needed:

Treatment bed

Facial steamer

3–4 warm towels

3–4 gauze squares

Eye pads

Supplies needed:

Gel cleanser

Fruit gel exfoliator

Purifying tonic

Oil control serum

Skin soothing ampoule

Acne-type mask

Light moisturizer

Moisturizing lip gloss

Step 1: Ask the client to disrobe and lie down, face up, under the covers on the treatment bed; leave her for a few minutes to get settled and relax.

Step 2: Apply light steam to the face using a steamer to open the pores.

Step 3: Cleanse the skin using a very mild gel cleanser, applied with fingertips, to remove surface debris from the face. As you cleanse the skin, ask the client questions about her home skin care regimen, and explain the importance of cleansing the skin on a daily basis.

Step 4: Wrap a warm towel around the face to remove the gel cleanser, using light pressure. Leave the towel on the face for about 1 minute, and perform a light shoulder massage. Gently wipe the face clean using the towel.

Step 5: Perform a second cleansing with a gel cleanser to more deeply clean the pores and skin, again using fingertips. Massage the cleanser into the skin using light effleurage movements.

Step 6: Remove steam from face. Wrap a warm towel around the face to remove the gel cleanser, and again wrap towel around the face for 1–2 minutes, then gently wipe face clean. Note that Steps 2 through 6 should take 10 minutes total.

Step 7: Put steam back on face, and apply a fruit gel exfoliator to remove dead skin cells. This also helps to dry acne. Apply the exfoliator with fingertips, and massage into the skin for approximately 2–3 minutes.

Step 8: Using wet gauze squares, gently remove the fruit gel exfoliator. Instruct the teen client to use the fruit gel exfoliator once a week as part of her home care regimen.

Step 9: Using gauze squares, apply purifying tonic to keep skin at a natural pH level. This is important for acne-prone tween/teen skin to prevent bacteria from growing.

Step 10: Press skin-soothing ampoule into the skin using your hands. This helps clear the redness caused by acne, calms the skin and is very hydrating. Massage the face and pulse points for 2 minutes.

Step 11: Apply an acne-type mask with fingertips. This helps to control oil on the skin and dry up existing acne. It is very gentle and won’t dry the skin.

Step 12: Turn off the steamer. Place an eye pad over the eye area. Perform an arm and neck massage for approximately five minutes while the mask sets.

Step 13: Wrap the face in a warm towel, and let the mask sit for another five minutes.

Step 14: Remove the mask using the towel. Total masking and massage process is 10 minutes.

Step 15: Using fingertips, apply an oil control serum to relax the skin and help heal any current breakouts.

Step 16: Using fingertips, apply a light moisturizer. It is best to keep products used on tween/teen clients light and basic.

Step 17: Finish the facial by applying a moisturizing lip gloss for dry lips. Ask her to sit up, hand her a glass of water to help rehydrate, and tell her she can return to the relaxation room when she is ready.